The Women Behind Small Shops

the women behind small shops

Happy Friday! After blogging for almost a year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with various small shops and brands. I’ve connected with outstanding shop owners and really see the substance in their work of art. Many of these small shops are underrated or taken for granted. We don’t hear much about them, unless we are Instagram active because let’s face it, Insta IS the home of all small shops, right?

Well, I’m going to keep it honest here. All my collaborations have not been successful (relationship wise), there are some people I’d plain out never work with again. However, the majority of shop owners have great business ethics and “surprisingly” (not really) are all women! I say that sarcastically because society tends to target men as the greater entrepreneurs, the big bad businessmen. That’s cute.


Small Shops

Well anyway, let’s get this started! Today I’m going to feature a couple of my own personal favorite shops, along with the sweetest women that are very hardworking and have truly empowered me with their ambition. I have never written a post specifically to show appreciation for small shops, so here ya go, hope you enjoy as well!

Nikki from Wise Apple Vintage

Wise Apple instantly appealed to me when I stumbled upon it on Instagram. I’m a sucker for all things unique and vintage as many of you probably already know. Well this shop is the epitome of vintage! From kitchen and dining, home decor, lighting, etc this shop is the place to seek cool & high-quality items for your place! These vintage gems are treasures waiting to be found. USE MOTHERSOUL to get 15% off your purchase!
Here are a couple items from her shop:

Mid Century Modern Wizard of Clay Soft Pink Drip Glaze Ceramic Vase 

|Find this item HERE|

 Vintage Mid Century Modern Colorful Floral Drinking Glasses

|Find this item HERE|

 Interview w/ Nikki:

Who/what inspired you to start your business?

•I have always really loved vintage style – from clothing to décor – and spent a ton of time visiting thrift shops and charity shops searching for vintage treasures for my own collections. When my collections started getting out of hand, I began selling vintage home décor for fun (and to free up some space in my home!). I had always considered my love for vintage to be just a hobby, but when I lost my full time office job in 2011, I decided to try my hand at selling vintage full time – and I’m so glad I gave it a try, because it’s been five wonderful years now, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

(If you’re a mom) How do you balance running a business, motherhood, and social life?

•I am not a mother just yet, but my hubby and I have definitely been talking about it a lot more lately! One of our biggest concerns about having children was trying to figure out how we could really be there with our new little person instead of feeling forced to send him or her to day care. A big reason I’m pouring my heart and soul into Wise Apple Vintage is so that I can both work from home and raise our child at home. My fingers are crossed that our future little one will love going to thrift stores as much as I do!

What makes your shop unique, different from the rest?

•Wise Apple Vintage is a unique place to shop because every piece that I select for the shop is a truly stand-out treasure. I don’t buy things for the shop because they are popular or trendy, I buy things that really speak to me. The home goods I carry in my shop will definitely make you smile – even though many of the items have a somewhat humble or everyday purpose, their design, color, or pattern make them all pieces you’ll look forward to using and enjoying!

Which is your best selling item?

•Since most of my items are one of a kind, it’s a bit tricky to say which is a best-seller. But I do sell a lot of colorful vintage planters, drinking glasses, and dinnerware.

Words of advice to aspiring women/mom business owners?

•My best piece of advice is to stop making excuses and just take the plunge! I put off trying my hand at being an entrepreneur because I was afraid of failing. If you don’t go out on a limb and try something new (and scary!) every once and a while, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of! And even if things don’t go the way you thought they would, keep yourself open to new and different ideas; when I lost my office job, I thought it was the worst thing that could’ve happened to me, but it turned out to be one of the best things, because it lead me to the career of my dreams!

Nikki, you’re just an amazing woman! Your drive to endure hardships and willingness to succeed is very illuminating. The genuineness in your selections is most admirable! Thank you.

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Up next we have Kadriana from Bela Rei Cosmetics

I discovered BR Cosmetics through Facebook, when the wonderful Kadriana reached out to me and enlightened me about her products I was excited to try out! Why? Because they are 100% natural (yal know I’m a natural ingredient freak) They are handmade cosmetics, without any harsh chemicals. I’ve personally tried the blush, eyeshadow, & lip balm. They’re all very great items, however, the blush is my favorite! The lip balm does soothe my lips and adds a nice color to them. The eyeshadow I have is very pretty and leaves a soft gold rose look. The blush is the perfect shade for me! I love it, and love how smooth it is on my face. No clogged pores at all! Overall, I am satisfied with this natural makeup line! You can now get 40% off your order when using the code MTHRSOUL!

Here are a few items from her shop:

Beauty sponge, creamy blush, lip balm, & mineral eyeshadow 

|Find these items HERE|
Rose Gold Eye shadow 

|Find this item HERE|

Interview w/ Kadriana

Who/what inspired you to start your business?

•I got inspired to create my line when I worked as a makeup artist in the med spa industry. Like many of my clients I suffered from adult acne and spent most of my time trying to cover it up with harsh makeup. I chose to take matters into my own hands and start my own line of all-natural skin products that were as easy on the eyes as they are on your skin. I wanted to create a line for the makeup lover like myself who wanted an affordable product that would nourish and protect their skin.

(If you’re a mom) How do you balance running a business, motherhood, and social life?

•As an involved mother, entrepreneur, wife and college student, I absolutely have to keep organized. Without a set schedule, I would not have been able to balance all of the equally demanding, different facets of my daily life. As far as my social life, I have been very fortunate to have a very supportive husband and group of friends who share my passion and understand the demands of owning a business.

What makes your shop unique, different from the rest?

•My shop provides freedom to the average makeup lover. Freedom from harsh chemicals, clogged skin and at the fraction of the cost. When I started my business, I set out with the goal to bring affordable, high quality, skin friendly products to the everyday makeup lover.

Which is your bestselling item?

•My best selling items are our lip care products and our new line of blushes. We have received great feedback from our lip balms.

Words of advice to aspiring women/mom business owners?

•This a tough one! My words of advice would be to compartmentalize your time and to trust in your vision. If you don’t compartmentalize your time and set a schedule for yourself, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed and the pressure and stress will only get worse. Finally, you need to have full trust and confidence in yourself, your business and your product. Not everyone out there will believe in what you’re doing or the product you’re making. You can’t please everyone. Don’t get discouraged. Keep at it. Trust in your vision and enjoy what you do!
Kadriana, you’re a super mama! Perfect example of mastering time management & encouraging all other moms to do what they love! This is why you were a fit for this post. I APPRECIATE women like you! Thank you.

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It has been a lovely experience networking with these ladies! & Thank you for stopping by today. Tell me, do you have favorite small shops I should know about? I love discovering new brands, so please do let me know!

Have a great rest of your Friday!

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