10 Daily Practices For More Self Love ❤️ 

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I felt the need to strongly dictate this important message of self love. Too many of us seek love in other humans, we become dependent on the illusion of having someone else fill in what we lack. This has to cease, for our own personal development. Think about this for a minute, really think about it; how do you truly feel about yourself? Do you often compare yourself to others, can you trust yourself, are you happy with who you are, do you feel the need to compete to feel good, etc. Dig deep in your mind and answer this question truthfully.


Regardless what your answer is, YOU CAN achieve a permanent loving relationship with yourself, even if it doesn’t seem feasible at the time. I’ve too felt the struggle of not feeling “good enough” or comparing my lifestyle with other women. My case of depression really shuts down self love but I want to make a difference in myself as well! I’m sure most can relate to similar emotions.
I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely possible for ANYONE to be empowered and rise above our inner demons, each of us can develop the beauty of self love within.


Process of Loving Yourself;

Today I want to share with you a few daily ways that you can practice self love; this can mean something different to each person because of the way we show love to ourselves. There’s no right or wrong way.

Self love is the only way to be able to lift yourself up when life throws curve balls at you, it’s the only way to truly feel your “emotions” and accept them, it’s being able to put your fears aside to go for your dream while encouraging yourself every step of the way.

10 Daily Practices

1. Find what makes you feel alive. Indulge in whatever makes you thrive, it can be anything as long as you’re benefiting from it. Remove all things that don’t help you grow or flourish.
2. Surround yourself around people with a similar journey. When there’s a community of people that can relate, it encourages you to push through & uplift one another.
3. Create a self care ritual. Again, this can be anything you desire. The objective is to unplug and enjoy yourself thoroughly. This is how you begin to build a healthier relationship w. yourself.
4. Do more things you’re good at. If this isn’t the greatest self esteem booster, I don’t know what would be! You instantly feel better about yourself and appreciate your talents more once you engage in things you can do. Bring out the best in you!
5. Nurture your body. Take care of your vessel, elevate your energy. Be more conscious about what you introduce into your body. Be intentional about your body, it’s not only about looking good but feeling good too.

6. Be mindful of your emotions. Learn what triggers your mood, this is something you want to be in-tune with (how you feel, think, and want). You have to be aware of how you talk to yourself & the thoughts you’re having. You must be mindful of who you are.


7. Giving yourself time. If you’re new at this don’t become impatient. Loving yourself is a journey, we all grow and progress at different rates. It’s okay to take the time you need to truly fall in love with the person you are.


8. Express more gratitude. Once we learn to be grateful it’ll help us recognize more of our own inner beauty, skills, talents, and how we can utilize these to give others and the world. If your thoughts are toxic or hurtful about others this will negatively impact on your self-reflection.


9.  Live Intentionally. When you begin living with purpose & meaning you’ll make decisions that support your intentions. This will make you feel good + proud when you accomplish your true purpose.


10. Embrace who you are. You’re imperfect, you have flaws, some days you’ll be a mess. As long as you’re striving for progress & doing your best to improve is all that truly matters at the end of the day.

Now my friends, be good to yourself today. Don’t allow outsiders intervene with your personal choice of happiness. Start by creating the love you desire, the changes you seek can begin right now. ~


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