10 Ways To Increase Peace and Positive Energy In Your Home


Striving for More Peace in My Home

Since most of my time is spent here due to being a work from home mom and wife this concept is essentially vital to me. Filling your home with things that bring peace and positive energy should be a top priority for everyone!


10 Things To Do + Keep At Home

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – These lamps are ideal for mood/color therapy benefits, they help ease stress and can improve the air quality. They work great as a night light or a relaxation/meditation session. You’ll be feeling all the peaceful vibes with one of these babies in your home.

Essential Oils Diffuser – You can never go wrong with essential oils! Especially since you can find a blend for almost everything now a days. I personally choose blends over the single ones. My personal favorites are blends with lavender and lemongrass. The diffuser is a safer alternative to candles, it elevates your mood levels, will help you relax, and ward off illnesses. You’ll get all the benefits from aromatherapy.

 Meditate/Prayers – Whether you choose to meditate or pray, these practices will bring more focus and clarity into your life. They both increase peace of mind and self understanding. You begin to feel more happiness which you’ll radiate in your home. Even greater if you and your family do it together! 🙂

More Flowers/Plants – These babies are another way of natural healing in your place. Indoor plants/flowers are known to reduce stress and enhance your productivity by improving concentration. Plus, the pretty aesthetics are a plus.

Open Windows – If you have small children at home it’s always best to bring in the fresh air as natural ventilation improves their learning abilities. Not only does it help us feel better, but it’s an effective way to reduce pollutants and toxins as well. The natural sunlight also helps reduce depression because well, Vitamin D.

Smudge Palo Santo or White Sage – I love my palo santo! I use it to relieve my headaches, anxiety, depression, emotional pain/imbalance. Since I’ve started using it to clear my space it’s become a daily ritual in my home. Smudging invites in good energy and releases the negative vibes.

Family Gratitude List – My husband and I have done this to help us remind one another why we’re grateful for each other, especially on days we need to remind ourselves the most. On a sheet of paper write what you love most about each family member. Deeply think about why you’re grateful for them. Keep these lists somewhere visible for everyone. They help feel the love and positivity even on bad days.

Family Home Evenings – Everyone gets busy that sometimes we may not spend enough QUALITY time with our loved ones due to our schedules. However, by making the effort to have family home evenings to be present with one another (no electronics), share about our day, our upcoming plans, and an inspirational message as a family can really help strengthen the household unit. We do these and I’ve noticed how much closer we become and improve communication.

Declutter – It is proven (not only by me lol) that decluttering your home will boost your happiness! It helps you obtain more positive thinking and have less anxious thoughts. Letting go of “stuff” that we don’t need creates room for deliberate living. Plus if you’re a mom, who doesn’t want less housework anyway?

Relaxation Space – The key to finding a relaxation spot in your home is to make sure you can be free from distractions. This can be any corner or room that you designate for a quick “time out” for yourself or kids. This space should be a mini “me time” to reflect on whatever thoughts are bothering you or just use for a breather. Let this spot help to step back and observe before making a decision. You can also use this as a positive reinforcement for kids instead of using harsh discipline.

Well this is it for today guys, thanks for reading! I hope this insight works for you and your family. After all, we deserve a home of sanctuary and comfort. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions about any of these points! Until next time, xx.

  • Savannna


    yes yes yesssss. implementing all of these NOW!

    • dianasamantha


  • Natalie


    I love this- and can vouch for all of these points! Thank you for a beautiful post

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks for reading!! Xoxo

  • maria


    Couldn’t agree more with all of these! Especially the de-cluttering: my mum and I have never been huge hoarders but my step dad has a problem where he never wants to throw anything away, even if he hasn’t used it in months, but after a while e finally chose to declutter and it massively improved the atmosphere in our house 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.
    Maria from whatismaria.com

    • dianasamantha

      Oh that’s wonderful! Decluttering truly does wonders for the mind! Thanks for reading Maria ??

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