25 Things To Know By 25

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It’s been too long, I’ve failed to keep a consistent blog post flow going on my site, but there’s been a lot happening the last few months. One of those things was my 25th birthday that just happened on June 28th! Yeah, half way to 30. Living up my youth to the fullest though!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to enlighten you with some things I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be sharing a few insiders about my personal life too. I wanted to make this really deep and express all my emotions about everything happening, but I think summing it up in a practical sense is better for me.

Cheers to 25!

  1. There’s no greater relationship than the one you have with yourself. You are your GO-TO person, you must be at peace + happy with YOURSELF before claiming it in your life.
  2. Friendships should be based off authenticity & support. Your friend(s) should help sharpen you, grow with you, & benefit your wellbeing.
  3. You are responsible and accountable for your OWN thoughts, feelings, actions.
  4. It’s okay not to have a nailed down plan. Life changes daily, don’t overwhelm yourself with a strict timeline.
  5. We are all growing at a difference pace, so try not to compare to others, none of us are exactly on the same wavelength.
  6. You have talents you may have not discovered yet. This is why self care & self development is SO essential. You’ll surprise yourself.
  7. Associate more w/ your body, it knows you better than your mind.
  8. If you aren’t doing something out of love, it won’t last. That goes for everything in this life.
  9. Every day can literally be a new beginning, never stress too harshly over “today”. There’s a new opportunity tomorrow.
  10. There’s many roads to success, there’s no straight path to making it to the top.
  11. Not everyone deserves your energy, you gotta say “no” more often.
  12. Your health matters, mental + emotional + physical. If someone makes you feel otherwise, they don’t matter.
  13. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance/help. It’s actually one of the bravest things to do.
  14. Being positive doesn’t mean being positive all the time. Positivity is a lifestyle, you practice it daily as you train your mind to start seeing more good out of all situations.
  15. Gossip is out. Sure the tea can be good LOL, but don’t be the one people come to for a cup. That’s not cute.
  16. Empowering is the new wave, it says a lot about ones character when you build people up instead of hate on their moves.
  17. You aren’t meant to be a people-pleaser. You are meant to be exactly who you are & leave behind those who don’t accept you.
  18. Life truly begins when you become aware of your limitless potential, it opens a different kind of freedom in you.
  19. You have no control over anything, but the present time. Stop over analyzing situations that haven’t happened and release what has passed.
  20. Mindfulness is really the way to live a purposeful and intentional life.
  21. Do not depend on anyone else for your emotional, spiritual, and financial stability.
  22. When you enter motherhood, you should consistently be changing into a better woman. It’s the most sacred role to ever be given.
  23. Being a young mom doesn’t make life an inconvenience or hassle, it simply has pros & cons just like EVERYTHING else.
  24. Breakups, separations, and divorces should never define your future. As heartbreaking as they may be, only way through is to KEEP PUSHING FORWARD.
  25. & MOST IMPORTANT, God is the way to absolute inner peace and joy. Without his light, my life would be darkened by the adversity.

These are all genuine & profound things I have learned through the course of my life, but a lot of these lessons happened within the last few months. I’m currently separated from my husband. The thought of being divorced is still a bit scary to me honestly. I believe this is the MOST CHALLENGING trial placed before me in 25 years. When you think you have a vision for your life and a family of your own forever, but suddenly everything gets turned upside down and in one day it deteriorated, you just..break…completely. Especially, when it’s someone else’s choices. I’ve learned that through this heartbreak I can only hold on to myself, my kids, and God to keep growing & moving forward.

25 years of life, 25 years of strength. ?


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