4 Powerful Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Make You Happier

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I believe a life well lived & full of joy is by having a heart of gratitude. Not a simple “thank you” will get you by, but truly a mindset of how abundantly blessed you are.

November is often called the month of gratitude, however, this action of thankfulness should be expressed daily. Not just this season. It has been scientifically proven that being more grateful leads to a happier, more stable lifestyle. Are you new to expressing gratitude? Maybe you’ve forgotten how to practice it? Well today I’ll be sharing 3 powerful ways to practice gratitude to help make you happier.

Live More Intentional

Listen to what calls your soul. What drives your interest? Live by defining your purpose and realizing your uniqueness. Set goals that move you and shape you. Stop comparing yourself to others and just live your truest life. Be a positive factor for your own self. This will attract gratitude toward yourself.

Seek Mindfulness

Sit down daily and think through five to ten things you are grateful for. The trick is that you need to picture it in your mind and sit with that feeling of gratitude in your body. Doing this every day will uplift your spirit to be naturally more grateful, and you’ll start feeling happier every time.

Express Your Love

Gratitude isn’t meant to be kept in your heart. Express love and your appreciation to those in your life. Tell them what you admire about them, how do they aid to your happiness, or why you’re glad their part of your life. By expressing this love you’ll simultaneously grow more gratitude. One action of gratitude toward someone daily will radiate more light and happiness within!

Avoid Complaining

This one is the toughest to accomplish, yet most effective of them all. When we judge and criticize others (and even ourselves), we cannot truly experience gratitude. The moment you decide to ditch the bad attitude about your life, you’ll align your perspective with a higher level of optimism. You’ll be more proficient at bouncing back from any negative situation. Complaining will only steer you away from seeing your blessings. When you choose gratitude and awareness you’ll instantly feel connected to the abundance of happiness in your life, despite the bad experiences.

I truly believe in the power of gratitude. I have seen it elevate my life. In the new coming year, I’m going to be sending messages of gratitude and other positive topics so be sure to sign up for them here.

I hope this helps shift you into a better direction in life. I wish you a week full of good vibes and love! Remember to be thankful daily!


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