5 Effective Ways To Improve As A Mom

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As a mom, I’m always seeking how to improve in every/all aspects. I think it’s crucial to have a self improving mentality rather than becoming stagnant with our current ways. I’ve come up with 5 simple things you can do to transform into a better mom, without feeling the need to be “perfect”. I mean, let’s face it, there’s no such thing as perfection in motherhood besides our littles & the abundance of love we have for them.

Improvement Takes Time

You can begin to practice these, even if it’s just one at a time. Key to improving is patience, slow progress is better than none at all.

• Don’t beat yourself up: Many times we are way too hard on ourselves. We may feel guilty about not spending enough time with our children, not having enough patience, not being completely understanding. IT IS OK. The first step to improving is to be aware of it. There’s no need to guilt trip yourself. You may not be the “greatest” mom daily, but IT IS OK. You are a good mom and doing your best is good enough for your kids.

• It’s ok to say NO: Mom life is not busy at all, it’s laid back & easy” SAID NO MOM EVER. As mothers we tend to overwhelm our mind with all the daily tasks we try to accomplish. We have an overflowing to-do list, several appointments, & plans but honestly, is it even worth it? I know there are certain things that must be done, but it’s ok to say no to others. You don’t need to take on more than you truly want to. Be kind to your mental health. When you begin to reduce daily stress by doing less, you won’t find mom life so busy & overwhelming.

• Work on being mindful: Mindful mothering is about acceptance, letting go, & trust. The instant you accept the present moment, letting go of all emotional attachment, judgment or labels– something amazing occurs. You should simply focus on living with purpose. While motherhood may be our highest calling, it isn’t our only calling. When we take the time to cultivate our passions and purposes outside of motherhood, we strengthen our passion and purpose for mothering. (read this on Mindful Moms Network) Being mindful as a mother also means to celebrate ourselves:

“If a mother values herself, her children value her. She teaches self-esteem by her example”

• Less internet, more outdoors: Put your phone down more often and take a trip outside with your kid(s). Spring is approaching us, so it’s the ideal time to start picking up this healthy habit. By doing so, you’ll help your child explore their surroundings and changing up their environment helps them become more self aware. Not only does it benefit the little ones, but the sunlight & nice weather will boost your mood as well. A happy mom is our child’s favorite.

• Take a ‘time out’: Every mom deserves to be left alone. You can do several 5-10 minute time-out throughout the day just to breathe, or you can take an hour or two for me-time. I’ve had moms tell me that they don’t have time to do this but it is very important to MAKE TIME. When you take these mini breaks your thoughts become clearer and you aren’t as frustrated throughout the day. Hence becoming a better, positive mom.

I promise if you start applying these tips in your daily life you’ll begin to see improvement in yourself. Now that we are mothers, it’s even more important to strive for self improvement and self growth. Our kids are learning fundamental lessons about themselves by witnessing how we treat ourselves & live our lives. There should be no greater role model for them than us, MOMS.

  • Ashlee


    I absolute love this… “If a mother values herself, her children value her. She teaches self-esteem by her example.”

    I’ve been reading a book called The Conscious Parent and it says this over and over in so many ways and it has really resonated with me and made me a better parent. Our personal time is so important and crucial to how we parent.

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