5 Reasons Why You Need The OttLite Wellness Lamp

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If you’re interested in productivity, wellness, and “good for you” items then you’ll want to read about OttLite’s Wellness Lamp Series. When they reached out to partner with me I was instantly excited about trying the GLOW lamp for myself. The entire concept which makes OttLite the worlds most natural & healthy light was very intriguing to me. After several days of usage, I’ve put together 5 reasons why you need a wellness lamp too!

Why do you need the OttLite Wellness Series?

First and foremost OttLite has the best and healthiest lighting you’ll come across! Did you know that three out of four Americans suffer daily from eyestrain? Of course that most people don’t realize that the lighting they use at work and at home may be contributing to the problem. Therefore, you should know that good light leads to good health. That is why the OttLite Wellness Series of desk lamps were created. OttLite Wellness Series provides the healthiest light you can buy. They are literally the only lamps on the market designed specifically with eye health in mind. If you’re going to engage in self care, be sure to care about all aspects of your health!

Lamps in the OttLite Wellness Series have been proven to reduce eye fatigue by 51% and deliver the closest thing to natural daylight available indoors; so not only do they imitate natural lighting, but you receive the benefits from it as well. You are able to adjust the brightness, such a key feature in my opinion!

The lamps, especially this GLOW lamp has a very modern and sleek look too. It’s one of the prettiest desk lamps I’ve ever owned. Not into minimalism? OttLite has a variety of styles that’ll best suit you. My favorite feature about this lamp is the shift of colors that set the ambiance of the place.

Third reason why you must have one of these lamps in your life is because of its practicality. It’s size is perfect for small or larger desks, there’s a USB cable making it convenient to charge devices, and you’re able to pivot or shift the lamp to your liking. It’s just awesome!

Again back to the health benefits, you’ll notice the difference right away. Using a lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series makes everything you view more comfortable, the colors are more accurate, and there’s no glare or blue tones. The OttLite wellness series is honestly a substantial product and a smart investment if you’re in the market for a quality lamp to add to your office or work space for school!

Last reason why I believe everyone should have this GLOW lamp from OttLite is because it is made for ANYONE. However, this item would ideally be something to purchase for back-to-school. It is an essential part of getting homework done or simply for journaling at night. As a mom of two younger children I may simply use it now for my business. I’ll have to share with my brother in middle school though. So whether you’re a mom w/ older kids, college student, or simply enjoy a healthy work space this OttLite Wellness Series is for you!

Thank you so much for reading and hope you received good insight from a different perspective on wellness. This post is sponsored by OttLite, however all thoughts & reviews are my own.


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