5 Things People Need To Stop Making A Big Deal About


Not sure what to categorize this post, whether it’s simply lifestyle because it involves every day- modern things. Or personal growth because people really need to out grow the idea of perceiving these concepts as a huge deal. I’m usually not one to be sarcastic, much less create these type of blog posts. However, I feel it’s time for you to realize these things aren’t the end of the world & it’s okay to accept differences. 
Wondering what they could be? Well without further ado, let me explain. 

  1. Politics & religion – seriously guys, you’ll never see eye to eye with someone who thinks completely different than you. Our opinion will not change the beliefs instilled in someone else. It’s great to share our thoughts and points of view, but when it comes to belittling others? Really there’s no actual purpose for that besides trying to make them  feel stupid. Stop making it a big deal. 
  2. Engagements/Marriage/Pregnancies – its almost 2017 yal! Why are 90’s (even some 80’s) babies making a huge ordeal about their peers doing one of the above? If you don’t want any of it, that’s cool too! Don’t speak down about someone else’s personal choices. Realistically, we are all growing up. It’s bound to happen ya know? Their life decisions won’t affect yours, I promise. 
  3. Social Media Followers – this is the most ridiculous one thus far. I’ve seen many bloggers + influencers throw shade at one another because of follower count. Honestly, who cares?! For one, your social media presence is probably irrelevant if you’re not using these platforms for business purposes. Two, if you are a digital influencer, entrepreneur, blogger etc it’s always best to support your fellow creative. Cease the competition please! No ones gonna steal your shine boo. It’s not a big deal. 
  4. Having The Latest Everything – this applies to apparel, makeup, technology, & all that jazz. If you have the money + desire to purchase all the new new’s, be my guest. If you’re simply a middle class folk like myself don’t feel pressured to obtain everything the media shows. I’ve been in that situation and the overwhelming desire to have it all wasn’t worth it. At the end of the day, material things will make you happy… for a short period of time. Don’t make a big deal out of temporary happiness yal. 
  5. & Lastly, Not Having It Figured Out – you know there’s times we believe our purpose is set. We know exactly what we want & what it takes to get there. Then life has a (not so funny) way of throwing all sorts of curveballs our direction. Well, we are on a self discovery journey throughout our entire lifetime. We’ll experience phases of success & others of discontent. Despite your current situation, realize nobody REALLY has it all figured out. 18, 35, or even 50 year olds still manage to struggle with life itself. No need to make a big deal out of it, just live daily. 

This is all. Thanks for reading guys, I probably won’t post much of these often but it’s nice to express your mind in a positive way. ? Have a great rest of your week! xx


    • Dominique


      Ooooh! I do love having the latest shoes! LOL! Great list and I agree 100%…especially with the parenting and religion. Sigh. People need to get over themselves. xo

      • dianasamantha

        & Thats cool too! If you’re into it (:Thanks for reading girl!

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