5 tips for Buying an Exquisite Piece of Silver Jewelry

5 tips for Buying an Exquisite Piece of Silver Jewelry

If you’re looking to buy an exquisite and authentic piece of silver jewelry, but you don't know what to look for, just read this article till the end, and you will find all the answers to your questions. Do not rush while making a purchase because there are hundreds of thousands of silver jewelry sellers, and not all of them sell authentic silver jewelry. It is really challenging to distinguish between fake and real silver. This article will improve your knowledge on how to get your hands on the right piece of jewelry! But don’t forget to check out the dainty acordoi necklaces!

It is tough, but luckily there is a way to find out if the silver is authentic or not. Following are some of the suggestions and tips to follow while making a deal, so that when you spend money on a classy piece of silver jewelry, you spend it with absolute confidence.

Inspection of the Price    

The very first step for buying silver jewelry should be the examination of price. You must know that silver is a valuable and exquisite metal and this will have an effect on the price. So, for this matter, researching the current market prices before buying and also comparing the prices of different stores is a perfect option.

Beware of the sellers who are selling at extremely low prices or giving massive discounts because it's possible that this kind of seller sells fake silver. In addition, never shop from a store that sells sterling silver in bulks, those are definitely not reliable.

Conversation with the Seller

A conversation with the seller could be more useful than you think. If it is possible to have a one-to-one conversation with the seller, you could ask the questions such as silver sourcing, hallmarks, etc. If you are purchasing from a store that has a physical presence, the chances of you getting scammed could be minimized.

Check for Silver-Grade Specifications and Branding

On real silver items, there will always be some hallmarks or brandings in discrete places. They will be extremely tiny but they will give you a hint that they are authentic.

Another difference is that if it is real silver, it will stay sterling compared to the electro-plated nickel silver which is not real silver but in fact a silver substitute that will lose its sterling soon.

Easy experiments to test the silver

Following are some experiments you can perform on your silver that will give you a clear idea of its authenticity without harming the jewelry item.

Silver is not magnetic, so place it near a strong magnet if it latches onto it know that it's some other metal like copper or nickel and not silver.

Another easy test is that if you rub pure silver with a piece of white cloth it will leave behind black marks on the cloth.

If you are shopping from a high-end jewelry store, they have experts there who can tell you for sure if the silver is real by doing a nitric acid test. The fake silver will turn the nitric acid greenish whereas the pure silver will turn it into cloudy grey.

What Benefits to look for when buying Silver Jewelry?

While buying always ask or look for the policy of return with full refund or exchange. If your silver turns out to be fake, this policy will come in handy. Never buy silver without the refund policy.

Take away

It is definitely possible to find out if the silver jewelry you are buying is real or just an electro-plated metal made to look like silver. But you can only find it out if you are cautious while buying and check out all the boxes that are absolutely necessary to check. If you're spending a huge sum of money, make sure you're spending it on the right thing.