5 Ways To Simplify Your Life


Happy Monday! Something about a new week really uplifts my mood. I guess it’s because I know I get a fresh start, a chance to begin a new week with a positive mindset! Idk, do you feel like that too? I can’t be the only one who actually enjoys Monday lol! Well, today I figure you’re here because you may be interested in simplifying your life a bit, or maybe just interested in knowing what exactly simplifying consists of. I have came up with the top 5 pointers that will help you begin your journey, you ready?


  1. CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY : I always tell everyone that simplicity requires a new+improved mentality. How do you expect to make this transition in yourself/your life without a different perspective right? Purify your thoughts and anxieties by thinking more positive. When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, upset, or any other negative emotion always remind yourself THERE WILL BE A SOLUTION.  I mean it is completely normal for us to freak out occasionally, but if you’re constantly worrying about something then you’re more than likely not going to go through with this. Find balance in your mind, seek uplifting thoughts rather than toxic ones. The key to simplicity is to be positive about it. Yes, it’s not easy so it’ll take some time, but eventually our goal is to master our mind!
  2.  DE CLUTTER : When’s the last time you deep cleaned? I mean really dug deep into each corner of your home & threw out everything you haven’t used in over 6 months? This is a perfect way to commence simplifying. The less around you the more happier+free you’ll be. Speaking from experience here! Try this, you won’t regret it whatsoever.
  3.  MINIMAL THINGS : Oh this can be a fun one honestly! It truly brings out the creativity in you. This applies to your every day life, your home, your style, your purchases, your preferences. Make an effort to stick with less.
  4.  SEEK SELFLESSNESS : Once you lose yourself in the art of selflessness you’ll learn to appreciate the little+simple goodness in your daily life. Cease the thought of “YOU” all the time. I understand that your needs, your wants, your goals, your desires, etc, probably come first, but its time to lose the ego. Share your light & do a little more for others. Thinking of yourself constantly will never end good anyway.
  5.  DON’T OVER SPEND : If you’re the type of person who’s terrible at saving up, it’s okay! I’ve been there & I’m still in the process of mastering this concept. Don’t give in, it’s tough to stay away, however the numbers in your bank account will appear with a substantial amount at the end of the month! You’d be surprised how much we spend on things we actually don’t need at all. Dollar here & there do add up. It’s fine to splurge on something nice on certain occasion, but it shouldn’t be a lifestyle. Budgeting is a fantastic way to stay within your boundaries & keep things simple as well. If you need tips on how to budget message me for more info. (:


 “may the simple things in life bring you joy, may you grow with simpler options, but most of all.. may you see the true beauty+elegance in simplicity.”

– Mother Soul



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  • Melissa Leger


    Great advice! I’m a big fan of cluttering!

  • Ashley


    I love what you said about decluttering, it’s such a great way to simplify! This was such a great read, thanks for sharing!

    • dianasamantha

      It is my favorite! Feels so good afterwards. Thanks for reading!

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