7 Essential Items to Have Before Bringing Home Your Baby

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Are you an expectant parent reading up on parenting tips or helpful blogs? We hope this blog will help you understand some of the most important baby items you will need as a new mother.

Having a baby means you’ll be spending a lot of money on the essentials. Even if you purchase some of these items secondhand, you’ll still need to go shopping for some new items.

The list of essentials that babies need can be overwhelming. There are a lot of unnecessary items associated with baby supplies, but there are important essentials you must buy.

As a premier surrogacy agency in Northern California, we have many surrogate mothers who know they will not need to worry about supplies- but all parents coming home with this new baby will most likely be overwhelmed by the needs of this new life.

There are plenty of things that you’ll need to buy for a baby before he arrives. Some are more important than others. The following list of baby essentials can help you with your baby registry that includes all of the important tools and equipment you’ll need for your little one.

Here are eight essentials you’ll need during the newborn baby stage.

1. Newborn Diapers

This is one of the most basic essentials you’re going to need. There are a wide variety of diaper options. Not only will you need diapers, but you’ll also need baby wipes and diaper liners.

Baby wipes are extremely important since they’re versatile enough to keep you and your baby clean. What goes hand-in-hand with diapers is a diaper bag and diaper pail. An odor-free diaper pail is one of the most important baby supplies to have.

You’ll need some sort of diaper bag every time you leave the house. Having a bag with all kind of pockets and storage is important. If it’s not confusing enough, there are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly disposable diapers.

Whether you’re using cloth diapers or disposable diapers, you’ll need diapers back at home for those multiple changes you’ll be making in the first few days of your baby’s life.

Newborn babies can go through 10 to 15 diapers in a day. That means you’ll be going through 100 diapers a week. If you’re breastfeeding, be ready to change those diapers!

Unless you know that your baby will be extremely small, purchase one package of newborn diapers- most likely your baby will grow out of NB size very early.

If your baby is estimated to be closer to 10 pounds at birth, then he’ll outgrow them the next week.

We know many parents who get baby essentials from Costco- but personally, we have not minded the ease of diapers sent to us from honest.com.

2. A Portable Play Yard

A portable play yard can keep your baby active and engaged. It’s essential for home and travel.

While you may want to get a traditional crib with a matching bumper and sheets, it’s not important. There may be a time when you get a traditional crib for your newborn, and then you have to move.

Inevitably you will be visiting family to show off the new baby- guess what? They won’t have a crib, so you’ll need one of these. Want to do some yard work? Take it outside and let baby enjoy a taste of the fresh air and blue sky as you work!

3. Swaddle Blankets

Most newborns are comforted by the act of swaddling. But you won’t know right away if your newborn will love swaddling. To turn your baby into your very own burrito, invest in a swaddling blanket.

You’ll need to find a blanket that’s in the appropriate size and shape.

You can also purchase blankets that are designed for swaddling, or invest in a lightweight, square-shaped blanket.

Either way, these blankets are ideal for a wide variety of activities, such as cuddling or tummy time.

4. A Car Seat

You don’t need an extravagant car seat. It’s amazing how some of these car seats are HUGE, take up 2 seats in your car and cost $300! It just has to be safe and meets standards.

The hospital will require you to have a car seat before you are discharged. In this case, you should invest in a newborn car seat. This seat should be cozy as it will allow your newborn to sleep in between car rides.

Make sure to read the instruction manual several weeks before your birth date. You need to install the car seat base safely in your vehicle.

You should know how to adjust the straps and make use of its other features.

5. A Crib, Bassinet & Co-Sleeper

Even if you’re a co-sleeper, your baby will need a place of his own to sleep in.

Having a designated place for your baby to sleep is imperative. While cribs can be costly, they’re important to have. Consider your options. Bassinets are aesthetically pleasing, but babies can quickly outgrow them. We have found good success with the 3-in-1s that will convert to a full time bed.

Buying a crib or bassinet secondhand isn’t recommended since they don’t meet the updated federal safety standards.

To prevent your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), invest in a firm mattress that fits your crib. Here are some ways to prevent SIDS.

Place your baby inside his crib while he’s swaddled or wrapped with a tightly fitted sheet. Your baby doesn’t need anything else to sleep.

6. Kid Toys

Baby will not always be as small as a peanut. Yes, one day he/she will grow into a man or woman that you wonder how they got so big. But even as young as 4-5 months, your baby will start growing in dexterity, they will find their hands, they will understand their hands can grab things- and therefore want something in those hands!

Get basic toys and rattles, as well as good teething toys. These will be great for the transition of when baby puts what is in their hands in their mouth.

7. Basic Grooming Tools

Basic grooming tools are essential for taking care of your baby. You’ll notice that your newborn baby’s nails grow faster than you expected, and you can inevitably not keep up.

What’s also shocking is that the amount of snot and poop that comes out of them.  There are moments where you’ll have to check your baby’s temperature. And he may need gas relief drops.

You don’t know when exactly you’ll be using these items, but you don’t want to be without them if an emergency happens. Having the essentials and emergency items ready is how to become a surrogate who’s successful.

It’s always important to have basic tools on hand such as baby fingernail clippers, a bulb syringe, gripe water, Kleenex on hand, lots of wipes and thermometer.

You can never be overprepared. Bringing home a newborn baby can be scary, but having these essential items will make this journey easier. You’ll want to shop for everything on this list before your baby arrives.

Thank you for reading this blog! After you are done rasing your newborn past the 6 month mark, consider becoming a surrogate mother as your next journey in life!

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