7 Things Every Young Mom Can Relate To


While most of today’s society believes having children at a young age is not convenient or the smartest decision, I’m sure us young moms beg to differ. Sure a lot of women are waiting until they accomplish their personal goals or become financially stable prior to having kids. However, that doesn’t mean younger women don’t have the same ability to achieve it.

Today, I want to share with everyone 7 things I know every young mother can relate to. It’s evident that each motherhood journey is distinct, but most of us are millennials moms and that’s a huge thing we have in common.

7 Things Every Young Mom Can Relate To

We were either completely devastated or ecstatic  when we found out about our pregnancy, no in between.

This is entirely true in my experience. I have not met a young mom that wasn’t one or the other. Have you?

 Getting back to a healthy pre-pregnancy weight is one of our priorities after giving birth.

This isn’t being selfish! Of course our main priority is to make sure our newborn is healthy, but hey.. self care is very essential for us too. We don’t necessarily want to be just another mama that let herself go.

Becoming greatly empowered because we CAN balance work/school/momlife. 

While other non-moms or older moms have it all done prior to having kids, we are the #MOMBOSSES that do it all. It may take longer for us to get where we want to be, but the fact we are chasing our dream + raising kids is truly inspiring & empowering I’d say.

Breaking the “young mom” stigma is our goal, we WILL crush that misconception by succeeding. 

Some of us may or may not care at all what other’s have to say about young moms, but subconsciously (or intentionally) we are striving to break this ugly stigma that’s labeled on us. We’re all succeeding in our own way, so basically: YOUNG MOMS 1, SOCIETY 0.

We may not have an abundant amount of money right now, but we are teaching our children good character & spoiling them with love. 

It’s not all about the money, money, money…am I right?! Plus, being financially stable means NO DEBT (besides a mortgage maybe), having steady income that allows you to pay your bills, save money monthly, and have money to spend when you’d like.  So unless you’re filthy rich you’re ALWAYS going to find yourself budgeting and living within your means. What our kids truly need is our love, support, and food of course! Not our $$$.

Just because we go out occasionally people judge us as bad moms. “Shouldn’t she be at home with her kids?” UGH. *eyeroll*

This one gets me every time, man. Definitively not  justifying those moms that constantly have to leave their kids to have fun, no.. I’m not sure what priorities they have. I’m talking about those moms that work their a** off for their kids, the moms that stay up late hours because they have to study, or those moms who wind up exhausted after a long day. We DESERVE to have nights out and care-free “girl” time. It’s normal, it doesn’t make us irresponsible or BAD. Stop the judging, let us be. Can you agree?!

& Lastly, please don’t tell us how to raise OUR kids, age has nothing to do with our parenting skills. 

It’s plain and simple! One of the most annoying things young moms go through.  When other moms or even NON PARENTS try to tell us how to parent, we can’t take it seriously. The fact that we’re young doesn’t mean we don’t know how to raise a child. We grow into our own parenting styles, we know what works and what doesn’t. Period.

These 7 points are what I found in common with most of my fellow millennial mama’s, yeah.. we may be 90’s babies with a baby & guess what? THAT IS PERFECTLY OK. We are only getting older and flourishing into who we are mean’t to be with, except we are doing it with our tiny humans along our side.

So tell me did you find yourself relating to most or even ALL of these? I’d like to know your experience with young motherhood. How do YOU feel about it?! Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! x.  lightlove

  • Savanna


    Love this. I relate to nearly everything. Millennial mamas rock!

    • dianasamantha

      Yes we do!!! xx

  • Kandice


    Beautifully and well said! 😉

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you!!

  • jehava


    I totally relate to this especially when I had my first son! Great article! and YES! to breaking the young mom stigma! We love our kids the same at any age.

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you for reading mama x

  • Ashley


    This is so wonderful! I especially love the part about spoiling them with love, what’s it’s about above all else <3

    • dianasamantha

      Indeed! Thanks for reading mama xx

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