8 Reasons Why Co-Sleeping is a Good Idea

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Today I want to share a guest post by Sarah Cummings from Sleep Advisor. She’ll be sharing her professional insight on why co-sleeping is actually a positive thing.

8 Reasons Why Co-Sleeping is a Good Idea1

  1. Mom Gets to Sleep More –  Especially if you are breastfeeding, the greatest benefit I have found with co-sleeping, is sleep itself!  Having my son within arms reach saved precious time and energy that I would normally exert had he slept separately. I didn’t have to get up and fetch him and his bottle, because he was there and ready for his breakfast in bed.  When he was no longer nursing I just made sure to pre-make a few bottles with measured formula and kept a bottle of water near by.  This will enable you to wake up earlier and have a better day, for both you and the little one, according toMotherSoulShares.com.
  2. Bonding –  The first year sets the foundation between the caregiver and the child.  Cherish the time, because before you know it, that sweet baby will be demanding allowance and taking a stance against parental affection.  I still find myself wishing that my son were sleeping next to me at night.
  3. You are The Best Baby Monitor –   It is hard to sleep with your child down the hall, even if you have an HD monitor with surround sound projected on your ceiling while you sleep.  I don’t know about you, but I needed to feel my son breathing to be able to breathe myself.  A great benefit of co-sleeping is being able to monitor your child as closely as possible.  Less stressing about the baby means more sleep for you.  
  4. Less Risk of Infant Injury or Death Studies have shown that co-sleeping can actually reduce the risk of infant crib injuries, and the risk of SIDS, by having an adult around. If you haven’t converted yet, this is an incredibly strong reason to.
  5. Cuddles –  As soon as the baby is out of infancy stage, you can give plenty of cuddles to your child at night. Children crave affection and giving it so freely can promote a strong sense of bonding and trust.  Plus cuddling isa known endorphin producer!  
  6. Baby will Sleep Better –   A newborn is exactly that-newly born!  The infant needs security and nothing will have the child feeling more secure than a parent right next to him.  Close proximity also allows for the parent to be right there to sooth the child if he wakes up in the middle of the night, without it having to escalate to a full-blown fit.  
  7. It’s Easier to Breast Feed –   Nighttime feedings promote more milk production, not to mention it is a huge time saver! Breastfeeding while co-sleeping helps the baby to fall back asleep easier as well.
  8. Good Morning, Sunshine –  Who doesn’t like to wake up to a smiling baby?  I think it is a great way to start the day with some sweet moments with someone peaceful before a hectic day of real life adulting.

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