A Raw Valentine’s: My Perfect Love Stories

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Everyone has those moments in life that will be imprinted on their hearts forever. You know the ones that keep you going when things gets rough, or when you need a boost of love. The special moments that feed your soul and provide clarity in your life.

This Valentine’s Day I selected two significant pieces, La Luna Pendant & Double Hearts Ring from James Avery Artisan Jewelry. The company is family-owned and based out of Texas. They create some of the most finely crafted jewelry in house. What I love about their unique selection is that everyone can find a way to tell their beautiful story.

Perfect Love Story

I selected the pendant as a reminder of the first special and unforgettable moment in my life.

My eternal marriage ceremony was celebrated in January 2014. I remember the bright, glowing crescent moon that night. Not only did I marry the man of my dreams, but that night I knew that was the beginning of a long journey ahead; through the good, the struggles, the growth, and unity. Our love story is the furthest thing from traditional. David (my husband) and I met 6 months prior to getting married. After several weeks of knowing each other we both knew this HAD to be done. Even after being invested in relationships for years, I’ve never had the desire nor prompting to marry someone at the LDS temple for all time and eternity.

Marriage is a work in progress, it will always be. Therefore, anytime I feel discouraged or need a sign of our endless love I will carry this pendant with me. The crescent moon is also one of my favorite phases, as soon as I saw this piece I knew it had to be a symbol for one of the most special moments in my life. That night we embarked on our forever-journey, we became one.

Ultimate Love Story

If you haven’t guessed by now, I selected the double heart rings as a symbol of my infinite love for my children. Kaden and Eli share my entire heart as a whole, the moment they were born I felt a divine presence, a celestial feeling intertwine with my body and soul. God bestowed the gift of motherhood to me, by far the most special, irreplaceable, and unforgettable moment in my life. Even though becoming a mom is the most sacred role to take on, it takes an great amount of courage and patience as well. Every day my sons are changing me for the better and this ring will always remind me to be mindful of the everlasting love I have for both of them, even on my “bad days”. An abundance of love was created when I gave birth to my children.

These 3 guys, my husband & sons are my perfect love stories; my infinite loves and light forever.

My pendant is the perfect size and love the details on it, my favorite part of the ring is the engraving and how dainty it is! Such darling pieces, you can shop your own here.

What’s your Love Story? Comment below and share your story, and click the link to check out more James Avery love stories!

Be sure to visit James Avery online or at your local Dillard’s.

Thanks James Avery for sponsoring this post. All opinions and stories are my own.


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