How To Achieve An Active Lifestyle With Kids

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As this new year commenced a couple of my goals are to improve my health and increase wellness levels. Being a mother staying active and fit are a huge deal to me. Once you see your new postpartum body everything changes.

While you must embrace the way your body is now, you should also strive to make a positive impact on your body too. I mean it’s more than simply “looking good”. Having an active lifestyle within motherhood isn’t only to achieve physical improvements, it’s about gaining inner + outer strength as well. When we are strong it helps us to be the calm, present, engaged parent that our kids need.

Now I am aware that along with motherhood, comes busy days & minimal to no time for an active routine. Fortunately, you don’t need a gym membership, structured workouts, or fancy equipment; maintaining an active lifestyle can be done with simple things & activities.

How To Get Active

Everyday you gotta move, in some kind of fashion. Whether it’s doing chores around the house, playing with the kids, going out to the park, running errands, or buying groceries. Simply spending 30 minutes at a local park or going for a walk is a perfect way to start! I love my Greentom stroller for day-time activities. Very conveniently made for mamas! If it’s practical and easy to push around then I’m in. It’s great for park and playground areas. Eli absolutely loves it too! It’s the ONLY stroller in the world made out of recycled goods. Isn’t that awesome?!

Anyway, training your body to stay on the go is the best aid to a health/fitness journey. However, in order to keep up with this and your kids, you’ll need the right gear. I personally love my Nike Airmax Sequent 3‘s from Famous Footwear. These shoes can stay on all day and my feet are rarely sore by the end of the day. Whether you’re going for a run or running around town with kids these shoes will give your feet the comfort & support you’ll need! They make such a cute fashion statement too, you can style them with boyfriend/mom jeans or athleisure wear. Ideal for every day wear!

Another way to stay active is to find in-home workouts to do. I am redoing the BBG program and it’s great because most of the time I can do it right in my living room. You don’t have to put it off until your child(ren) are napping or sleeping. Inspire them to get active by doing it with them too! Keep in mind it does take more patience when engaging your kids in workouts though.

However, if you can get some alone time at least once a week I’d suggest to take on near by trails and hike for a good hour, you can then reward yourself with a Target post-nature hike visit lol!

There’s no excuse to not have an active way of living, this should be a resolution for your own sake. In the long term you’re not the only one benefiting from being healthy and active. Your kids will appreciate the best version of you too!

If you’re uncomfortable with the person you’re waking up being every single morning you can’t be fully present with your kid(s). If you don’t feel confident or comfortable with who you are I truly believe it affects every aspect of your day. This is why it is important to of take care of yourself & achieve an active lifestyle.

Remember no matter how many minutes of activity you do per day, you must hydrate yo-self! I try to drink atleast a gallon per day; but for those who aren’t used to drinking much water you can start with 8oz glasses daily. The best kind of water to drink is obviously clean, spring water. I had the chance to try Aqua Carpatica and love the fresh pure taste! It’s awesome to know where they source the water from (Carpathian Mountains in Europe). They key is to drink water every 20-30 minutes all day to achieve a healthy goal.

Well mama’s, I hope this helped inspire you to get moving and achieve an active lifestyle even with kiddos! Let me know some of your tips or how you manage to stay fit and healthy.

Until next time, xx.


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