The Art of Creating Your Path and Purpose


Finding my path, or better yet my purpose in life hasn’t been a walk through the park. It’s taken a hell of a ride to arrive here, where I am now. Truthfully, at times I feel like I STILL don’t quite have myself figured out yet. To me, that is perfectly alright. I’m only near 23, who has it completely made at this age anyway? As long as I am mindful of the person I’m becoming and doing what I love, there is a purpose. The perspective I seem to be applying to my life lately is to create your path as each day goes by. It’s an ever working process. The more positivity and simplicity I transmit in my daily life, the easier it is to endure the struggles and discouragement I face. I’m especially thankful for motherhood. Motherhood molded me into the figure I’m transforming into, and now it’s on me to continue to flourish from it.

I’m here to share with you the few steps I took prior to finding my true path. I am aware that we’re all unique and carry our own art distinctly, however, anyone that follows these suggestions will only receive light + goodness to their mind & soul. Which eventually will guide them to their purpose and belonging.

Step out of your comfort zone: you will not thrive from remaining at a state of comfort. I took a leap and moved out to a state, away from everything I knew. I’m an introvert that started a blog to connect w/ “strangers”. I left behind old habits & found new talents. Venture out to the unknown at some point in your life, there’s more to you than you can imagine.

Find your inner peace: there is no right or wrong way for this. I believe anything that puts your mind at ease and fills your soul with constant tranquility is your inner peace. If you have not yet found what makes you feel internally good, search for it. Explore different options until you find one that your mind + soul agree with. After practicing this for so long, eventually it’s always with you. Inner peace cultivates within and lives there, forever.

Do what you love more often: you are happier and find life to be clearer when you do whatever it is you love! I blog, write quotes, counsel other women, go to nature, etc. and the joy within me each time is incredible. Get rid of limits, your potential is infinite! You are amazing and CAN do amazing things!

Be more simple with yourself: I’m always going to advocate simplicity because I’ve received much enlightenment through this new mindset and lifestyle. I seek simplicity in complex situations now, I rarely over-think things anymore. Honestly, turning over to the simpler things in life has empowered me! Once you learn to keep things at a minimal, you start living more. Connect yourself with less, you’ll realize this as well.

Make time for solitude: learn to spend quality time with yourself. being alone is different than “being lonely”. Everyday I must have “me time”, whether it’s late at night or early mornings. Solitude is vital because we need to be self reliant with our mental and emotional health. Our wellness depends on our actions, and spending some time alone can and will fade away clouded thoughts and feelings. Solitude is sacred.

Set short + long term goals: this is one of my favorite things to do. This is what keeps me encouraged and organized in my life. Try setting daily/weekly goals, even if you don’t alway accomplish them. It’s a great idea to write them down and aim for it anyway. This will keep your motivation going constantly. Long term goals will contribute to creating your path. It’s healthy for me to set long term goals because even though I take each day as it comes, goals are what lead me to envision my success and future. No matter where we stand in life, what our situation is, setting goals should always be done.

Well that’s it for today! I am happy you stopped by to read this post. Me out of all people know what it’s like to be depressed, feel lost, fall into darkness, and live just to get by. I’ve been there, and found my way back to the light. I hope this inspires you to keep striving because WE ALL have a significant path + purpose, please remember that. xx

  • Savanna


    Diana I love this. You are such an old soul and a wonderful human being.

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks Sav! Love you!!! xx ❤️

  • Rosa


    Loved this thanks for all the good and positive things you write about!!!

    • dianasamantha

      You’re welcome! I’m happy others find it helpful. (: xo

  • Moose and Michelle


    This is a wonderful article. So many points resonated with me, but solitude one most of all. I’m an introvert that loves people, but there are so many times where I just need to be alone (or maybe be quietly/silently with one other person) to recharge. Again, great piece!

    • dianasamantha

      Hiya! Thanks for reading! I truly enjoy my solitude as well as each of the points I talked about. Definitely helps clear the windows of my soul. ✨

  • Claire


    Omg I love this

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks boo xx

  • pokemongo


    Thanks a ton! This is definitely an good internet site!.

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