The Art of Soy Candles


Hi everyone! Happy Friday! As you may or may not know, I like to keep a few candles in my home frequently. I also try to keep everything simple & natural around here, because the less there is the better it is, right?  Lately I’ve been working on choosing items that best fit my lifestyle: simpler & natural ingredients + simpler & natural products. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to fully naturalize my every day life YET, but I’m working on it trust me! Now today I want to share with you one of my greatest loves in my home Zakyiah Candles and why I decided to convert into a soy candle user instead.  IF YOU LOVE CANDLES, YOU MUST READ AHEAD! 

This past week I received two candles in the mail from Zakiyah herself. She is a business owner that was inspired to make candles by her mom who made a variety of candles, bath, and body products during her childhood. She would occasionally assist her, but as she observed her most of the time she decided to start her own candle business once she and her husband began family planning. It was supposed to be something to keep her busy as she made the transition into becoming a Stay At Home Mom. After lots of research and experiments, she wanted to create a safer alternative to scented candles. In January 2014, she launched Zakiyah Candles and has been making soy candles ever since.


I appreciate all mama’s who choose to take a chance and make their dreams and goals come to life. Especially as a stay at home mom myself, I know the urge to get my hands on something and lose myself (mentally) in building my purpose. Anyway, Zakyiah’s shop is bottom line amazing. She has a HUGE variety of scents, mine are Japanese Cherry Blossom & Cake and I am in love. Her candles are also very affordable for being 100% natural & soy. If you’re a candle enthusiast like myself, I highly recommend her shop. So you may be thinking what’s so special or different about soy candles right? Well here are 3 main pointers that automatically convinced me to see why these candles are better!

1. They’re 100% natural + nontoxic for the environment. As a mama I don’t want any toxic substances spreading in my home, it’s vital to keep a nice and clean refreshing space for my son. Even if I wasn’t a mom, why wouldn’t I choose eco friendly candles rather than candles that can possibly harm my home’s environment?

2. The scent lasts much longer than regular based candles! This is my favorite thing about these candles in particular. I’m not sure about other soy candle brands, but Zakiyah’s have the strongest & longest smelling candles I’ve ever had. Not strong to the point you can’t breathe anything else (lol), but strong as in you smell the scent right away throughout the entire room. I only burn it for about a few minutes and the scent stays around for a while!

3. They burn a lot cleaner & evenly. Have you ever bought those candles that leave the glass black or burn unevenly? I have and it was quite annoying. I love that these candles burn very pretty (seriously) they burn so evenly that it makes me want to burn them several times in one day. They are  better quality for sure!



Would you like to try one out and see for yourself? Well, Zakiyah has different size candles to offer! She’s also giving my readers a 20% discount code on ALL orders. If you’re interested be sure to pick out a scent HERE & check out using the code MOTHERSOUL. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this read! xx

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Disclosure: Thank you Zakiyah Candles for partnering w/ me for this post. They provided me with the candles you saw above. The opinions I share about these candles are 100% honest and my own!

  • Rachel Simmons


    I’ll definitely have to buy some of these! Thanks!

    • dianasamantha

      Thats awesome! Thanks for reading xx

  • Zakiyah


    Thank you for the beautiful post! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the candles! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you for the amazing candles! So glad you liked how it turned out. Can’t wait to fill my house w, them!

  • Savanna


    I love this. Zakiyah Candles is such an awesome company. Once you go soy you never go back 😉

    • dianasamantha

      OMGGG, I know! I will never go back! I love the way they burn soooo much.

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