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Well hello again! Geez, I can not believe it’s been months since I wrote an actual blog post. For those who haven’t been following me too long, I used to blog over at (site is down now *sad face*) but due to personal issues I knew it’d be best to discontinue it. I wasn’t sure how long I would stay away, I wasn’t even sure if I’d ever join the blogging world again (ok, I guess a small part of me knew I would lol) but I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen next. The blogging lifestyle grew on on quickly because well.. writing has been a passion of mine since grade school. Creating and expressing myself through words has always been my specialty. Well alright, enough of my blog life story lol, this is simply a brief intro to Mother Soul Shares. These past few months have been tough, tough enough to encourage me to grow into who I am becoming. This time around I won’t be focusing too much on the superficial aspects of life. Instead I’ll be sharing topics that fall within life in general, motherhood, personal growth, & simplicity. Don’t worry you beauty&style lovers, there will still be posts covering those areas as well, however, I wanted to base this blog on life inspiration to encourage women to thrive & grow. One more thing, due to my busy life (ha yeah right, don’t let me fool you) lol, no but really due to the different things going on in my personal every day life, I won’t commit to post THAT often. I’m aiming for a blog post per week. If you’d like to know a little more about my goal/purpose with this or to check out my Huffington Post articles be sure to head over to my about section. Thank you to all you who’ve been supporting me since day 1, and thank you to everyone who will follow along. I hope to make a positive impact in your lives somehow. XOXOXO




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