Birth Story: My Experience As A Second Time Mom

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I don’t remember sharing my first birth story with Kaden because honestly, it was one of the roughest times ever. It wasn’t something I felt fully ok talking about. I hated how unprepared and uncomfortable I felt the entire time. It was very unfortunate, but this time around with my second pregnancy I did everything within my control to prepare myself for a better experience. Brace yourselves though, this may be a long read!

Eli’s Birth Story

Thursday, October 19th I started feeling “stronger” contractions all day. For the past week I had Braxton Hicks constantly so I didn’t want to think much of them. I woke up Thursday morning and went about my day; i drove Kaden to therapy, ran errands, ate tacos, etc.. you get it. Little did I know this was the beginning of early labor though! Anyway, that evening I was determined to kick-start (atleast attempt to) labor since my mucus plug had passed the day before. Before I went to bed my contractions were a little more intense than they had been, but I still didn’t consider them the real thing nor were they very consistent.

1:45 AM, I wake up because I had the strongest contraction, the strongest one yet. I didn’t want to get my hopes up though, so I started timing them again. After 30 minutes they were coming closer together and intensified. Quickly I woke David up and told him I think this may be it, but I wasn’t sure if we should make our way to the hospital yet. Being that the hospital is a little over an hour away & it was past 3 A.M (contractions were consistent for over an hour), David felt it was time.

On our way the contractions began to space out in longer intervals. I was getting worried that maybe they were just going to send me back home, like they tried to the first time I went into labor with Kaden. The pain was getting stronger though, but I kept a positive attitude the entire way there. We even stopped at a gas station for snacks & i had a contraction while I️ was in there, the guy at the register looked at me so scared lol. Once we made it to the hospital I was quickly admitted into triage. We didn’t even have to valet park because I was still completely able to walk ok. Anyway, the midwife came in around 5AM to check how far I was dilated (keep in mind I truly believed I was about a 2-3, no more than 4). When she said “Oh wow, you’re 7-8 centimeters along”. You guys!!! i was more than half way there already! You should’ve seen the look on my face! The midwife, nurse and David laughed because i was in complete shock & utterly in awe. i even teared up because I️ honestly didn’t think my body was capable of dilating much on its own after the lack of progress i had with K. Anyway that’s when they said “Let’s take you upstairs, cause we’re about to have a baby”

Once i made it to my birthing suite, i immediately asked to labor in the shower. By this time my contractions were very painful but still surprisingly manageable. Once they hooked me up on wireless monitoring I jumped in the nice, steamy, hot shower. David was the best support person ever during this time! He was right next to me, helping me with whatever it was I needed. The shower lasted about 30-40 minutes. When I got out I must have dilated to a 9 because I finally felt a huge amount of excruciating pain. The contractions were about 2 minutes apart and I literally felt the baby pushing down on my vagina (TMI but we’re all adults here lol). A few minutes later I started to cry a bit through my contractions, this was DEFINITELY the “transition” stage, i was crowning! While i was in the most intense pain ever, i also felt empowered + proud that I had made it this far completely natural, with no medication at all. Suddenly i felt the urge to push so i told the nurse, however, my water still hadn’t ruptured yet.

Even though i was planning on going all the way without one, I decided to get the “walking” or “low dose” epidural right before pushing. Yes I was about 10 centimeters when I asked for it, yes I could’ve simply went through all natural without it. But honestly, at this point I didn’t want to keep feeling that pain anymore. I got to experience the feeling of labor and with the low dose I still felt everything any way. Obviously the contraction pain was by far more bearable though. Once I began to push, he was out within 18 minutes. At 8:07 A.M my little 8.4 lb piece of heaven was born! Eli was immediately placed skin to skin with me. I had never felt such a magical experience! From literally feeling him move his way down, to me pushing his little body out, to holding him for the first time. The whole experience was pure bliss, perfection.

If someone asked me if I‘d do something different next time I honestly wouldn’t. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t able to make it in time for the delivery. Other than that everything went way better than expected.

The Valiant Mom

i also want to share with you something special that kept my strength going during my labor & will continue to through life’s trials & tribulations.

The Valiant Heart Birthstone Necklace is a personal reminder to stay strong in times I am skeptical of my potential or when I feel the weakest. With this piece I can always keep my most loved ones (my two babies) close to my heart. Their love is what keeps me empowered, strong, & full of light. What a lovely reminder, am I right?

The Infinity Necklaceis yet another reminder of infinite love for my children. This helped me get through natural labor by saying to myself “this is temporary pain I can endure to gain an everlasting bond with my son”. Having an eternal perspective of life is truly eye opening. There is a special kind of bliss from the belief that families are forever.

Thanks to Isabelle Grace Jewelry  for sponsoring this post. I’m glad I can keep these thoughts with me when in need of positivity. Check out their site for more dainty, yet significant pieces. Their jewelry is so unique! Until next time yal xx


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