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Body Wave Wig: A Must To Have In Your Wardrobe

by fawn

A body wave wig is a wig style that gives one the appearance of naturally loose curls. This wig is just like having a wave pattern. Hair is in rows and flows forward in a spiral fashion. The wave is softer and more natural than a classic wig.

A body wave wig’s material in manufacturing is one hundred percent human hair. The curl of the waves gives the body wave wig an illusion of volume and fullness.

Double Layer Sewing

The hair on the body wave wig comprises double-layer sewing. This will add more durability and avoid the tangling of your hairs in the wig. Double layered sewing is a kind of weaving technique. With the same length, more wefts can be used. The more weft, the fuller the hair look will be.


The body wave wig is washable. You can wash it or dry it just as you would a human head of hair. You can wash it with water, shampoo and conditioner, and any hair products.

Good Luster

Good luster is a term used to describe the shine of a hairpiece. The body wave wig has a good luster. When hair shines brightly, you can see the reflective light bounce off the strands and reflect onto your face. The shiny look makes your hairpiece engaging and attention-grabbing.

Baby Hairline

A baby hairline has a front that sits just above the eyebrows. It is perfect for people with a small amount of hair at the front of their head looking to make their hairs look bold or denser.

No Splits or Nits

The wig does not have split ends and any nits or lice. There are no tangles, no shedding, and soft and loose texture.

Body Wave Wig Benefits

A lot of benefits associated with body wave wigs. The key benefits include:

  • Body wave wigs are voluminous as well as natural-looking. Its hair still maintains that naturally bouncy and curly look, which is incredibly appealing to anyone.
  • Heat-resistant fibre provides long-lasting hold and body wave with a natural appearance.
  • The body wave wig is so lightweight, and you’ll forget you’re wearing it!
  • It comes in various hair lengths. The length and size of it can be trimmed to add versatility.
  • This hair texture is great for day or night wear since it has a slight movement in the hair. It is easy to maintain and does not have to be braided or regularly taken care of by a professional.

Verdict: Body Wave Wig

If you have been searching for a quality wig that is ready to wear, then body wave wigs are the perfect option for you. Each wig is made with premium heat-friendly synthetic fiber and features a breathable stretch cap. Whether you are looking for a daily easy look or your next project, this wig will offer you the versatility and comfort to create your favorite looks. A range of stylish colors makes these wigs perfect for any occasion.

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