Categories Of Men That Dress Like Females

Categories Of Men That Dress Like Females

Some people do not feel comfortable with their gender. Even though they were born as males, they'd rather be females. And until they actually do something about this, most of them remain unhappy and are prone to mental health conditions such as discomfort, depression, and anxiety. Even though most of these people hide their true nature from the public, some people are still brave enough to tell the whole world how they want to live and dress. Thankfully, there are now laws that allow men and women alike to be whatever gender they choose.

Now, the fact that some men feel comfortable in women's clothing doesn't necessarily mean that they hate their gender; different categories of men just enjoy dressing like females. In this article, we'll be talking more about these categories of men and their differences.

  • Femboys:A Femboy is an individual that is biologically a male that often presents himself in a feminine manner. These people are so used to this way of living that they can behave in this manner all the time. Of course, femboy isn't the same as cross-dressing as femboys do not necessarily need to wear clothes designed for females. There are still femboy outfits┬áthat they wear occasionally. Also, the fact that you are a femboy says nothing about one's sexuality. A femboy can be straight, gay, or bisexual.
  • Cross Dressing: This mainly involves the idea of a man wearing female clothes for different reasons. Some men cross-dress in a bid to find out more about themselves, while some cross-dress for fun, for sexual reasons, or just to entertain themselves. Unlike femboys, this set of men doesn't have to behave in a feminine way; all they just have to do is to dress like the opposite sex. It is important to note that crossdresser is not the same thing as homosexuality, and at no point should they be referred to as the same.
  • Transgender Workers: These people have fully transited from their original state(male) to a female and have decided to live by that decision. This set of people even goes to the extent of undergoing surgeries and infusion of hormones to permanently alter their body in an attempt to make their body as harmonious as possible with their gender inequalities. They not only behave in a feminine manner at all times but also look the part by wearing female dresses all the time.


In recent times, so many males in society dress like females for a plethora of reasons, either for fun or to understand their feminine side or even because they feel comfortable dressing like a female, depending on how they think. Whatever the reason may be, it must not be ignored. If you have similar feelings, it is important for you to discover your own reasons and identify the category you belong to to know the right outfits for you. This article aims to help people learn more about men's types that dress like females and give common reasons why they do that.