Dear Baby

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I absolutely love to write. At times I just want to step away from all other things in my life & just write. It’s not only the best way I express myself but it brings out the thoughts that are hidden in the corners of my mind out to the external world. I used to write in my journal daily and lose myself in the pages, but that slowly faded away after a while. I found inspiration again by writing Kaden this short letter. This will be an open letter for all of you to read. I wrote this recently but I won’t show it to him until he’s much older. I will keep it safe in my journal till then…
Dear Baby,

You have been mommy & daddy’s perfect blessing. I see how much you love being held & kissed. I see how much you love being with mommy every day. I live for those nights you cuddle right next to my chest. I live for those mornings I wake up because of your gentle taps on my face. Watching you grow has been surreal. You’re so tiny, yet your accomplishments have been enormous. You have taught me more than I knew about myself. You have helped me practice selflessness, humility, & patience to the maximum. I look forward to those days you’ll come running into my arms saying you love me. Your innocent smile can brighten up anyone’s day. You truly are a joyful & pure soul. Your presence radiates happiness in my world and nothing less . No matter how much you accomplish or how long it’ll take you to accomplish it, I’ll always be proud. I will support you at your worst and at your best. You’ll never feel alone. You’ll always be special, my first son, my first born. I’ll never allow our bond to fall apart. These are eternal promises I make to you from the bottom of my heart.

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