Exploring NYC With A Toddler


Happy Monday yal! It’s been over a week since my multi-city trip to NYC and FL. I finally came around to posting our moments in Manhattan. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from FL though. Most of these images were taken by my girl Denisse. She was our host through the duration of  the trip, she and her finance Timothy were beyond great people! Kaden and I witnessed + explored so much in just 48 hours. From Washington Heights, Times Square, New World Trade Center, Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Seaport District, China Town, Little Italy, Forest Park, and SoHo District. Despite the few tantrums and crabby moods, it was truly a blessing to have experienced this with my little guy.


*I’ll be sure to share tips and tricks to traveling/flying with a toddler down below as well!


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My Tips & Tricks

Kaden did very well during each flight & layover. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be such a breeze, maybe he’s used to traveling now? However, these are a few things I’ve done to ease my travels!

  • Whether you’re flying, driving, etc. and when you arrive to your destination be sure to dress your child in comfy clothes. This will make the trip easier, less stressful, and less of a hassle while exploring!
  • Schedule your travel during nap time or late at night, if possible.
  • Bring books, extra snacks, and an ipad with downloadable videos or buy wifi if your aircraft provides the service for your/their entertainment.
  • Window seat is ALWAYS best for US, it keeps Kaden from trying to walk around the isle. Plus playing with the window seems to grab his attention as well.
  • We always get a seat toward the front, or all the way to the back. Easier to get to the bathroom in case of an emergency.
  •  During layovers, food is the answer. They go by so fast when we go for a bathroom break and grab a bite.
  • If you’re traveling alone w. your toddler bring a comfy stroller! I’m so glad I didn’t bring along my light-weight stroller. I wouldn’t mind bringing a smaller one if my husband would’ve came to help me lug things around. However, our full size Graco helped carry my extra purse and camera bag. 😉
  • Try to bring along a backpack diaper bag, instead of a tote. It’ll be nice to have both hands available. I got mine from Newlie Co. and Fawn Design
  • Don’t stress or over think it. Just relax and enjoy the moment! Toddlers are cray, they’ll cry and get moody, totally normal and common. Don’t be afraid of what others may think. This is about creating memorable moments together. Never allow judgmental folks interfere with your good time away!



Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you liked the tips as well. Have you ever been to NYC? Have you traveled w. your child?What was your experience like? Be sure to let me know! xx


  • Urban Blond


    Oh wow i loved the pictures! NY is defo my dream destination <3 one day, one day.. 🙂

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    • dianasamantha

      Thanks girl! Yes, everyone must visit at least once! ?

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