First Trip To Panama City Beach

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I’m a Florida native, basically born and raised. Surprisingly though, I had never visited the northwestern side of the state AKA “The Panhandle”. Last Friday my little family & I traveled 6 hours to visit the home to one of the most beautiful beaches: Panama City Beach. We had the pleasure to work with Travel Mindset on their #instameetPCB mom blogger trip. This was actually the first time we traveled as a party of four. I was so excited to see what the weekend had in store for us!

The Resort

As you saw above we stayed at the beautiful Holiday Inn Resort right on the beach. We had a killer view of the Gulf right over our balcony. One of the greatest things about this resort is how family-friendly it is! They even have a closed off kiddie pool section and complimentary swim diapers (SO THOUGHTFUL). We had breakfast onsite at their yummy restaurant The View. There were other options for lunch & dinner as well. I love when hotels make it convenient for parents to grab a bite during vacation with kids, they get it.

Shell Island

One of my favorite adventures throughout our trip was Shell Island! We arrived on a pontoon boat to the 7-mile long, less crowded, pristine beach. Our kids had a wonderful time here! Safe area for the littlest ones too. Most of the time we spent relaxing on floats and watching the children play in the sand while others swam their energy away. You can pack lunch and call it a day, definitely worth the trip!

Sunset Sailing

This was my very first experience with sailing! Everyone grabbed a seat as we dove into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Since I wasn’t used to the movement I did get a bit seasick, but watching dolphins in their natural habitat was a sight to see! Both of my boys loved this trip too, Kaden spent most of the time looking for dolphins and playing along with the other kiddos. Eli relaxed and enjoyed the 2 hour ride without a cry! Very appropriate and highly suggested activity for kids/couples.

We didn’t get to explore the City Pier much which I was super bummed about! This is one of the iconic areas in PCB though. You can literally find anything at the pier; food, drinks, snacks, local shops, department stores , games, bars, etc. The fun is for all ages!

We stopped by at Thomas Donuts Shop, which is the oldest spot open in the PCB area. All the Insta Worthy vibes, but even better snackies. I had the best ice cream, donuts, and milkshake in Florida. Not even exaggerating! David can attest to that as well, it was too delicious!

The last night we had a tacos and s’mores on the beach, unfortunately we made it a tad bit late and didn’t get to capture the moment. What counts are the great memories that were made!

Thankful for this amazing weekend, can’t wait to come back!


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