Forget Cable TV & Switch To Android Box

Forget Cable TV & Switch To Android Box

Television is a mode of entertainment. It's nothing but a device that transmits moving images and sound. At present, television has stood up as the most acceptable appliance of entertainment.

However, due to advancements in the technological field, several new types of television along with their associated devices are introduced. The android box is the notable one. The arrival of this kind of product assists the audience to enhance their visual quality and gain a new resolution of experience with it.

As the title of the article suggests it will set a comparison between how normal cable TV and android boxes are different from each other. In other words, the audience will get to know about some major features of both appliances.

Cable TV Vs. Android TV Box

This section of the article will distinguish between cable TV and android TV box.

· Cost

Then cable companies generally offer cable subscriptions for mainly a month or year. However, it's also set the price range according to the subscribed channel which is a bit expensive in the long term process. However, in this case, the android box is much more convenient and also lowers the cost too.

· Gaming Facility

In normal cable Tv, no such gaming facility is there. Whereas in the android box the users can get connected to their favorite game within a fraction of a second.

· Smartphone Operation

Cable Tv is operated by cable companies but the users can operate the android box on their own. Without using the remote the users can connect the Tv to their smartphone and watch their desirable shows or movies.

· Application Installation

Till now no such technology has been introduced through which applications can be installed on cable Tv. But the upgraded technology has brought about a way for the android Tv box to do so. Without any extra payments, the users can install any application.

· Latest Technology

The android box is wall associated with the latest technology which has provided a visual treat to the audience. However, no such technology has arisen in terms of cable Tv.

· Video Quality

The latest version of the Android box provides almost 4K HD video resolution. However, no such high-resolution video quality is obtained on cable Tv.

· Power Consumption

The android box also makes a way to reduce the power pressure and leads to low consumption of electricity. On the other hand, the low power consumption feature has not been introduced in cable Tv.

· Watching Desirable Shows

In cable Tv, the users just have to watch whatever is premiering on the channels whereas, with the help of an android Tv box the users can attend to their desired programs whenever they want.

· Regular Update

In the android Tv box, the users have the ability or feature to regularly update the applications. However, sometimes the android box itself completes the upgradation procedure after getting connected to a strong internet connection. But this feature is not there in cable Tv as it doesn't acquire the latest technology property.

· Internet Connection

To watch any desirable show the users have to connect the android Tv box to the internet. However, the strong internet connection also determines the picture quality of the video. But no such internet connection property is there in cable Tv.


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