FutureSmart Event with Mass Mutual

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I was invited to attend The Future Smart event at the Amway Center (home of Orlando Magic). This was a collaboration with Mass Mutual and The Junior Achievement of Central Florida. Hill Harper hosted the panel, which is a very detailed presentation that was given to local Orlando middle school students about financial wellness and education. Hill held this interactive presentation and engaged with over 2,000 students!


The FutureSmart challenge is a nationwide program that brings the principals of financial education to middle and high school students. FutureSmart’s goal is to to be implemented in all middle-high schools in the U.S. Hill did an awesome job inspiring the students to take action for their future finances! He encouraged them to create a BLUE PRINT (life plan) to help guide them throughout their future. He discussed the importance of going to college, starting a savings fund, and the difference between “good vs dumb money”. The concept of finance can be a bit difficult to comprehend when you’re this young, however, the FutureSmart program makes it more accessible for our youth to learn the essential basics.

What I loved most about the presentation is that Hill genuinely engaged with the kids. He made this a fun open discussion and enjoyable for the 12-14 year old crowd. The students were highly eager to answer questions about success and finance. He discussed why it’s crucial to invest in your education, how debt can forbid freedom, various career options, and provided fundamental steps to achieve a successful future!

Former Magic Player

We even had a special appearance by Nick Anderson (retired basketball star). He came to represent the Orlando Magic and to inspire the students by telling them his back-story. He too empowered them to make smarter and educated life choices. A few kids even had the opportunity to ask him questions about his career as well.

Hill and I both have younger children, as parents we know how critical financial aspects are. He even inspired me to become a “financial leader” in my household and teach my sons by example. They may be a bit too young to understand the concept of finances, but it’s never too early to teach them what money is and why it’s crucial to save.

The other influncers and I had the chance to interview Hill Harper at the end of the presentation. I asked him to give tips for mother’s with young children and what the most important financial lesson for children is. You can watch that live interview HERE.

FutureSmart Challenge needs to be recognized by more schools and parents! Unfortunately, most classes overlook important financial education that our children need to learn. I hope more school’s sign up because this informative program will greatly motivate them to make better financial decisions in the future. If you’re interested in learning more be sure to check out the FutureSmart section on Mass Mutual’s website here: http://bit.ly/2rltu29

I’m beyond thankful and humbled for the opportunity I had to attend this enlightening presentation. I gained substantial insight that I’ll actually start applying to my own life. When you were younger did you learn about financial concepts? What suggestions do you have about teaching our youth about money?

Thanks for reading folks, hope we can all transmit this very important message to our kids!

This article was sponsored by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001. www.MassMutual.com. All opinions are those of the author.


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