Gift Bags Bulk Ideas: Creative Ways To Reuse Gift Bags

Gift Bags Bulk Ideas: Creative Ways To Reuse Gift Bags

Gift bags are a handy and beautiful way to send gift items to friends and loved ones. They come in different colors and designs and can be recycled properly if you know how to use them. There are many gift bags bulk ideas when you have lots of them hanging around. At the end of this post, you'll be collecting gift bags or buying them in bulk to reuse them creatively.

Wrapping paper

This is one of the best ways to make the gift bag complete its life cycle. It came in as a gift and would be used to wrap another gift to someone else. Gift bags are best used as wrapping paper when they're thin. Thicker ones may be difficult to work with. If you have thin-walled gift bags, take the handles off and use them as wrapping paper for the new gift. Plain gift bags? No worries! You can stick tiny designs on them and make them unique.

Shopping bags

Rather than getting new grocery bags every time you go shopping, how about you go with your custom-made shopping bags. Unlike the wrapping paper reuse option, thicker gift bags work best as shopping bags. They already come with handles, so you could stick with those or substitute them for thicker and stronger materials. If you get lots of gift bags, it means you get the option of styling your way into shops with probably matching bags.

Interior décor

Gift bags have a natural aesthetic appeal, so you wouldn't be reinventing the wall if you put this attribute into another use. These gift bags can make good wall frames or be used for any interior décor ideas. There's more creative ways to add abstract objects to interior designs than you probably know. Get your DIY spirit awakened and get to work immediately.

Book covers

Are you a fan of book covers? Then this idea is definitely for you! Book covers help protect the integrity of your favorite books. While it's easy to buy one from a bookstore, you can reuse your old gift bags. You just have to choose a gift bag with dense material to function properly as a book cover. Since gift bags come in different designs, now you have the option of choosing between different design styles for your book cover.

Seedling pots

Have you always wanted to have a plant in the house and just haven't found time to get one? An old gift bag is probably the push and opportunity you need. These gift bags are a lot larger than regular seedling pots which makes them good for root growth. Go get some fertile soil and find something to plant. Research the plant's growth requirements and watch your plant grow before your eyes.


Who says gift bags are only good for delivering gift items? They can serve many reusable purposes if you know just what to do with them. If you have lots of gift bags, don't throw them away. You can easily recycle them or reuse them for other purposes. With a little imagination, you can turn old gift bags into new and useful items.