How To Achieve Greater Happiness With Less


“I want happiness, whether it’s temporary or long-term.” – says everyone. I’m personally not aiming for temporary happiness. I don’t believe in it because it’s simply a short phase we fall in and out of. Happiness is not a destination however, it’s a simple-state of mind. We won’t always feel joy or positive, but it is normal because of BALANCE. This post isn’t directed to those seeking it constantly, instead those who want to feel greater happiness with less. Over-stimulation can happen in adults too, therefore we must learn to be mindful and live a little more intentional.


I’ve come up with a few points to achieve more happiness by doing less. I practice these as part of my daily rituals. Hope you can also find a way to apply them into your every-day lifestyle.


1. Be aware of the blessings you receive daily; living in a 1st world country we sometimes don’t realize or appreciate the little things that we have. Every time you’re upset or seem like things aren’t going your way, remember a bad situation doesn’t mean a bad life.

2. Do not fall into the comparison trap; in order to be happier with your life you must cease the comparison to others. Once we see what others do, where they go, or what they have, our instinct is to WANT more than we need. Provide up to your abilities, focus on your life, and see your personal gifts unfold.

3. Simplify your expectations; you will find that you won’t be disappointed as much when you don’t expect as much. You will also find that expecting less from people, or sources outside of yourself enables you to see more vividly all the beauty and color that already surrounds you. “Expecting less leaves you less angry and most importantly, keeps you more flexible to see many of the things that you are missing in your life right now.” – professors house

4. Concentrate on your well-being rather than material objects; this means spending less money, eating less junk food, and thinking less negative. When we decrease the amount spent on insignificant aspects of our daily life we instantly feel better, we thrive with more joy and more likely keep an uplifting attitude.

5. Ditch anything that doesn’t bring value to your life; this is as simple as it can get.. if it’s taking away from your good energy and positive vibes then remove it from your life. I know certain attachments are difficult to break away from, but 9x out of 10 this is exactly why you’re not living as happy as you should be.

Now that you have the main key’s to improving your inner joy put in to action.

The power of happiness is in Y O U. Thanks for reading loves, until next time! xx


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