The Historic Adventure In Nauvoo

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Where Is Nauvoo?

Nauvoo is a historic city in rural Illinois, home of the pioneers from the LDS church (my church). This city is filled with adventure, a serene spirit and instills a sense of divinity to it’s visitors. Mainly, I loved this place because of the simplicity you’ll find within the walls of each home. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you’re probably aware of my love for all things vintage/antique. There are various artifacts from the 1800’s that will make you reconsider living in this era. The beauty of this place is unreal, you’ll stumble across different homes, other building structures, and the nature which surrounds this lovely town.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many images, none from inside either. Due to keeping my phone and camera away to live in the moment and stay present was my goal throughout the trip. Having 0 service + no reception helped as well, ha.

Moments In This Historic City

I wanted to share some of the moments captured while in Nauvoo. My mother and little brother are joining us up in St.Louis for the summer. I am so happy we get to explore and adventure together, even if it is only for a month. This was my little brother’s 1st time visiting, he even cherished the significance of this place and he’s only 10! I kid you not folks, Nauvoo touches hearts.

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(^ not sure why this image won’t flip after I changed it?)

If you’re ever around the west Illinois or Eastern Missouri area, I suggest taking a trip up to this wonderful location! After you learn the history of this place, your heart will never be the same.

You can check out our other wanderings HERE, there is many more to come! xx





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