How to avoid fraud when buying human hair wigs in bulk

How to avoid fraud when buying human hair wigs in bulk

You can find human hair wigs in both local and online stores. Whichever the case, you expect the process to be smooth and stress-free. Buying wholesale hair in locally owned stores is ideal since you can visit, see and confirm your order. When importing from abroad, the dynamics are different. Consider the following tips for buying human hair wigs in bulk.

How to avoid scams when buying human hair wigs

When you trust a company, you tend to settle and be comfortable in what it's doing. Even if you trust it, you must take the necessary precautions to continue doing business. They include;

1. Check out the factory

In most cases, when importing hair in bulk, you are forced to entrust the wholesale vendor with everything, sit and wait for the products to arrive. Don't just sit before confirming their existence, the availability of products you need, and anything that is important to you. You can visit the factory and be willing to spend on transport and accommodation for the good of your business if your finances aren't as great, video calls the factory and see for yourself. Alternatively, you can ask for hair samples from the factory to confirm the quality and determine whether you want to buy from them or not.

2. Always ask for an invoice

The invoice usually contains items you've bought from the wholesale company. Well-established organizations have invoices to indicate that what you are doing or buying is connected to the company. However, some refuse to develop invoices, which can be a warning of a possible scam. Also, most of them avoid invoices and let the bulk factories produce them for them. Always confirm the invoice before proceeding to buy or committing to anything. Whichever the case, ensure you ask for an invoice.

3. Product and shipping confirmation

Ensure you receive updates on the hair condition before choosing to ship. Shipping is highly determined by the hair condition presented to you. First, don't agree to ship if the state isn't right for you or if the company declined to give any updates. An ideal company will involve you in every step, giving you the best service and safely lure you into trusting and buying from them often. However, for some companies, there's no evidence of commitment. You must keep calling requesting updates with no response. To be on the same side, avoid such companies as they may not be genuine or efficient.

4. Get a clear payment and shipping policy

Before agreeing on a product, find out how you can pay for it and how it will get to you. Both th payment and delivery are crucial because you can't pay for something that wouldn't get to you.

Bottom line

Buying human hair wigs in bulk is more affordable than buying at retail prices. Avoid companies that may use the nice deals to lure you and rob your money. Apply the tip above and approach a wholesale hair vendor knowing precisely what you want before and after confirming the order. It will keep off scammers and ineffective companies away.