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How Many Human Hair Bundles with Closure You Need?

by fawn

Before you start shopping for human hair bundles with closure, you need to know how many bundles you need to get. This information is vital as human-hair wigs are expensive, and if you don’t know about the exact number, you will get more or waste your money. Always be a wise shopper who thinks twice before getting anything. 

Things to Keep In Mind

Since you have to explore different variations of hair wig bundles, it’s good to know what to look for before shopping for one for yourself. Here are some points that will make your shopping experience simple.

Desirable Fullness and Volume

Decide about the level of fullness or volume you are looking for in your hairstyle. If you like voluminous hair, you should get at least three bundles. You can get more and use them, but they might add volume, but you will comprise natural appeal. In other words, you can get a natural-looking hairstyle with 2-3 hair bundles with closure. However, when you need extra volume, always place an order of 3-4 human hair bundles.

Style Preference

What kind of hairstyle do you want to get? If you are going with curls, then don’t get more than three bundles as it won’t look super appealing to have such a big bundle applied on hair. When it comes to straight hair bundles, you can go with more than three depending on the texture of human hair. Sleek, long, and shiny hair always make a great fashion statement. For a fuller and thick hair look, usually, four bundles are required. But two bundles do the right job when you don’t mind thin and tamed hairstyling.


If you are getting a bundle of frontal lace closure, you need to think about coverage and length. If you like to stick with an 8 to 12 inches front lace wig, two bundles are good enough to look adorable.  Getting three bundles becomes an absolute necessity when you desire hair length past 18 inches. Do you adore long hair? Get four bundles of 20 inches front lace wig.

Getting Extra

You can’t get the same wig all the time. When you are unsure about style preference or texture, it’s good to order more bundles. This way, you will remain on the safe side. Searching for a matching hair wig is always a trouble, which you can avoid by ordering more Human Hair Bundles with Closure than you require.


Always think of an occasion where you plan to wear this wig. For a formal look, you need to get more volume. Wedding events require a more elegant hairstyle than a birthday party. So, depending on the occasion, you can make the right choice. When there is no special occasion, but you need Human Hair Bundles with Closure to wear every other day, two to three bundles will help you get some casual hairstyles with ease.

 On the flip side, always get more than four bundles when a big day comes soon. It’s because you need to try different hairstyles on special days and having more bundles at your side will give you freedom of mind. You would feel fully ready to attend the most-awaited occasion of your life.

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