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How to Choose Cartridge Pen for Your Business

by fawn

Are you thinking of setting up a pen cartridge business? If yes, you need to know how to choose different accessories and elements of this product. This article will help you provide clear insight.

Choosing Cartridge Pen Battery

Different customers prefer different kinds of batteries when it comes to the cartridge pen. So, you should bring them varied options to choose from.

Monitoring Every Session 

Customers today like to monitor complete sessions of vaping. Thankfully, you can find devices with advanced options. When you order a cartridge, you should check its label to have a clear idea of its description. It’s good to get one cartridge with a compatible app for monitoring. An advanced model allows consumers to watch the amount of product one inhales. Although this monitoring option comes at a high cost, you can still find customers ready to get it.

Temperature Control 

Vaping experience depends on temperature. Every cannabis substance and flower has a unique boiling point. So, when you pick the best battery, try one that offers some temperature control. In this way, you can let your customer monitor temperature. 

Choosing Ratio of Substance

Customers like cartridge pens with different ratios. Some customers like a 20:1 THC to CBD ratio, while others prefer an equal ratio of phytocannabinoids THC and CBD. Since customer demand varies, you need to ensure that your supply has variety. Going with a balanced one seems like a good idea, but you should consider getting a vape cartridge with varied ratios as well. Cannabinoids influence overall consumer experience. If you want to turn your client into long-term customers. It’s always a great idea to decide about ratios very carefully.

If your customers are looking for a relaxing experience, they will be interested in knowing the amount of myrcene and linalool in the cartridge pen. However, many customers are more into uplifting experiences, and they are interested to know the ratio of limonene and pinene. It means that you need to provide as much as you can to make your customer experience unforgettable.

Choosing Compatible battery

There is a 510 battery and a device-specific battery. Try to get both but again, it depends on what customers you have. Most cartridges have 510 threads. However, when your customers are so into advanced products, they will surely stick to one device. In that case, you need to purchase an advanced battery for remaining compatible with varied monitoring apps.

Choosing Lifespan

Customers are very interested in a cartridge pen with a long lifespan. So, when you shop for a wholesale vape pen, try reading reviews about the company and its product. If a product doesn’t last longer than expected, you will lose a customer. If they don’t get quality in a product, they would prefer knocking at another door. 

Therefore, it’s good to ask your wholesaler whether a vape lasts for a long time or not. Although the length of the product depends on many factors, battery and oil are two essential elements to look into. Whether you offer them disposable or other kinds of vape, they should provide vaping experience for a reasonable amount of time. It’s how you can keep your customers. 

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