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How to Maintain Your Human Hair Wigs- 7 Tips from Experts

by fawn

It is tempting to see people talking about the glams of a human wig. Consequently, you thought about giving human lace wigs a try. And you fell for them! The color, bounce, texture and, purest natural feel are alluring. But now you are stuck with the thought, how can I make it last longer?

Well, you are not the only one, a lot of wig users battle with this question. And if it was their first human wig, it’s an ordeal. So, we brought the best and easiest methods that will help you preserve the vibrancy of your wig.

Tip 1: Avoid Wearing the Same Wig Over And Over

If this is your first time buying a women’s human hair wig then, stick to this tip. Never wear the same weave every day.  Human hair wigs have natural hair’s fragility and, wearing your human wig every day ruins it.

Frequent use will loosen the threads, dim the color, and makes it frizzy. And, ultimately, turn it hoarse.

Tip 2: Refrain From Washing It Now And Then

Next, don’t shampoo your wig too often. Washing your hair every day dries its moisture. Similarly, the human wigs end up dry too. Unlike synthetic wigs, they look frizzy and dry if washed frequently.

Shampoo your women’s wig after 7 to 10 years to maintain its luster and durability.

Tip 3: Reduce the Use of Hair Sprays on Your Human Wig

You might think that how can one possibly style a human wig without a spray? Of course, you can use a styling spray. But avoid doing too much.

Remember, the thing is to keep from overdoing, not total avoidance.

Tip 4: Invest In Good Hair Products

Several users think that human lace wigs will stay unaffected by the products used. But that is not faintly true.

Good hair products play an essential role in maintaining the health of your human wig. Just like human hair, the health of your wig depends on good products too. Use a wig clarifying shampoo for best results.

Tip 5: Too Much Heat Kills the Human Wig

Although hair products keep the wig’s style intact, avoiding overheating is equally essential. A human wig turns lifeless and frizzy if heat-styled too often. High temperature burns the life out of them. Show mercy!

Too much heat not only dries the wig hair but also breaks them. However, if you like straight or curly hair, try buying curly or straight wigs.

Tip 6: Ask a Professional to Style Your Human Wig

Sometimes our inner stylist wakes up. And grabbing the scissors, we ruin a perfect lace wig. Well, chain your inner stylist and go to a professional.

Your wig won’t grow back. If you ruin it while experimenting, it is eternal. There are hundreds of salons that offer wig styling. Moreover, they have some good suggestions too.

Tip 7: Never sleep With Your Wig On

After partying hard, you may not have the strength to go and take off your wig. But sleeping with it damages it. It becomes all knots and tangles while you are slumbering peacefully.

How Do I Wash My Human Wig?

Although the above tips dictate the durability of your lace wig, but the washing process also matters.

Firstly, brush your human wig before wetting it. Use sink faucets for short and use the shower for longer ones. Avoid throwing it in a tub and splashing it clean!

Now take a little shampoo, make a good lather, and work from root to tips. Make sure to avoid the scalp. Rinse away the shampoo once done. Use a wig hydrating conditioner and rinse it.

Lastly, lightly towel the wig and leave it on the wig stand to dry naturally. Don’t blow dry it.  Store your wig in a box away from heat and humidity.

The Takeaway

Okay, so we have successfully concluded our post on maintaining a human wig. Human wigs look more natural and, their texture earned them a standing. But, maintaining them needs more time and care.

So we have eased your problems. We gathered all the expert tips from washing to storing your human wig. Our tips will help maintain your wig’s natural sheen and style for much longer!

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