How To Make Your Monday More Productive

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There seems to be a stigma about Monday’s. Everyone dreads the beginning of the week because of the simple fact the weekend is over. Most people aren’t very motivated.

Do you wish you could hate Monday’s a little less? Maybe you want to make them more productive? I have 5 simple, yet effective ways that helped changed my perspective and learned to LOVE the beginning of a new week.

Make Your List

I typically like to make my list the night before. Some people don’t find this useful, but I promise you’ll feel more organized on Monday morning when you know what it is you need to get done for the week. If that sounds a bit overwhelming you can start off by just making a Monday list. Whether you stay home or have to get to work make a short agenda of what your day needs to look like.

Select 1-3 Goals For The Week

I am personally huge on goals. It’s important to have the short term goals that will help you reach your long-term vision. These can be super simple or more elaborate. It is proven that having goals will increase your motivation x3. When you have something you’re working toward, it will inevitably make you more focused.

Wake Up Early

This is the most important one! It doesn’t matter whether you have kids, single, married, etc. The phrase “early bird gets the worm” is true, 100%. You have to wake up anywhere between 5-7 AM to feel the most productive. It may be challenging and take much effort at first. The more consistent you are, obviously the quicker your body becomes adjusted to this new schedule.

Get Up & Go

You can do a morning stretch or make your bed. The point is to just get moving as soon as you get up. This increases your motivation and most likely make you feel like you have your life together. Hence, ready to get sh*t done! You can read all about my sunrise routine that I had for the longest.

It’s A Fresh Start

Ultimately, no one’s going to be able to change the way you think about Mondays but yourself. I noticed the more lazy and dreadful energy I felt the more miserable I was on Monday mornings. I had to overcome the negativity. When you bring out more positivity for the new week you’ll start to manifest productivity as well.

Are you a Monday hater or do you live by #MondayMotivation? What have you found more helpful when it comes to being productive?


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