How To Online Shop Like A Minimalist

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dress Lily, Rose Gal, & Zaful. I was compensated to post items from their site. In addition, I received complimentary items from Go Jane & Soft Surroundings. All opinions and styles are my own.

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s been a good minute since I last posted about style & how to achieve perfect seasonal looks. As you may know (or not), I’m very intrigued by neutral tones and minimal pieces. I’ve learned to discipline my shopping hunger, hence why I mostly stick with the basics. In addition to that, shopping in stores honestly wears me out! Attempting it while watching a super active toddler doesn’t usually play out too well. This is why I came up with a mini “guide” to shopping online for minimalists, or those striving to simplify their wardrobe.

Jumpsuit: Dress Lily

Your Mini Guide To Shopping Online

Benefits of Keeping It Basic:

By keeping your picks basic you’ll find it less of a hassle to put outfits together. This way you have staples all year round according to the season. Minimal pieces are timeless and modern as well, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming “outdated”. I do enjoy some trends too, but essentially I stick with my own personal style. Nothing says fashionable to me like a basic top, ripped jeans, and chunky trendy booties.

Concerns of Online Shopping:

Sizing, quality, shipping fees, and did I say sizing? This was one of the toughest things to master, however, I made sure to start online shopping at stores I felt comfortable with. For instance, I know my sizing in H&M and F21, I am aware of the quality of their clothes as well. As far as shipping fees go, I perceive it as my “gas money”.  I usually don’t pay over $7 in shipping anywhere, anyway.

What To Look For:

Good deals, discounts, & merchandise that isn’t available in stores. Go through all the categories, add things to your cart (whatever truly appeals to you). Before you check out start removing things from your cart, little by little. Eliminate the pieces from “LEAST WANTED TO MOST WANTED” until you are left within your budget.

Shopping Safely:

Be sure to use familiar sites, and check your transaction after you placed an order. I make sure to research the new sites I stumble upon just to make sure they’re legitimate. All safe sites will include a secure checkout as well!  The web address should begin with ‘https://’. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’.

Outfit Details

Sweater: Zaful

Jeans: Old Navy (out of stock)

Booties: Rose Gal

Tips for Online Shopping

Shopping online doesn’t have to be a hassle, or concern. As long as you keep your search to a minimum there should be no reason to feel overwhelmed. Here a few of my personal tips to succeeding!

  1. Browse through apps, it’s much easier to navigate and less stressful than desktop version. Some of my favorite are Rose Gal, ASOS, Zaful, Dress Lily, H&M, F21, Zara, & BooHoo.
  2. If you’re a student, you can sign up at UniDays and receive exclusive (& major) discounts to selected stores! 
  3. Always read reviews/ratings and product information to see what others say, this is so crucial for me.
  4. Shop at night, when you’re relaxed you tend to focus better on what you’re searching for.
  5. Make sure to check refund policy, just in case your item doesn’t fit as you expected.


Outfit Details

Trench Coat: Soft Surroundings

Basic Tee: H&M

Slip Dress: Who What Wear

Boots: Go Jane (similar)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Huge appreciation to all the brands that worked with me to bring you this post. Now, I’d love to know your ideas of a minimal wardrobe or how you manage to shop online, confidentially! xx


  • Angela


    Love this! I am trying to be more minimalistic and care less about material things so this is really helpful :)!

    • dianasamantha

      Once you detach from material things your inner peace and mentality elevates. Good luck on your jounery, xx.

  • Susana


    I love you jeans and sweater!! Love!! Great tips and suggestions in this post.

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks so much for reading! x

  • Aleksandra


    The most minimalist way to shop would be to buy nothing 😉

    Unfortunately I really like the jumper so that is out the window!

    • dianasamantha

      Haha, I truly believe simplifying doesn’t mean abstaining instead learning a healthy balance. Less is more, rather than none is more. (:

      I LOOOOVE THE JUMPSUIT AS WELL. Perfect for a night out, xx.

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