How To Stimulate Growth Today


Self growth and personal development have been a popular topic for a while now. Even though it is talked about frequently, it’s also important to execute these actions. You have to put yourself in situations that will trigger self growth or cultivate development.

You’re often told that change takes time, hence daily progress. This is true, but change can also be done in a day. It simply takes TODAY to begin stimulating your own growth.

If you’re unsure how to get started I decided to round up several ways you can let go of the old & stimulate your growth with the simplest of things.

20 Ways for Daily Growth

  • Let go of opinions of others, do what you believe is best for you.
  • Choose up to (3) daily goals to accomplish.
  • Accept that you will not always make the right decision, see it as a learning experience .
  • Become self aware through self reflection; explore yourself.
  • Remove the daily clutter.
  • Write what you’re grateful for every night/morning.
  • Do something new, outside your comfort zone preferably.
  • Read at least a page or two of positive based books.
  • Listen to a short podcast episode.
  • Unplug sometime throughout your day; no screens.
  • Adopt a hobby, start doing something you’re passionate about.
  • Be mindful of who you choose to be around or what type of music you listen to.
  • Create a daily challenge for yourself.
  • Listen to a guided meditation.
  • Prayer with more intent, really dig into your heart.
  • Discard the worries you have if you don’t have control over the situation.
  • Compliment someone, making others feel good will reverse the energy back to you.
  • Schedule your day, have some sort of vision for “tomorrow”.
  • Wear something that makes you feel good & pretty.
  • Recognize the areas that need most improvement and make them a daily priority.

START TODAY. If you’re ready to begin living your best life and witness personal growth, then you have 20 key points to follow. Choose any of them and you’ll begin to watch the journey unfold.

Thanks for reading loves, hope this can inspire and motivate those that need it.

Until next time,

  • Savannah Blake


    Because everything’s always changing. You can either direct the change or let it fall to default. The choice is ours

    • dianasamantha

      That is so true! We hold all the power.

  • Valarmurugan


    Thank you for reading, Olatayo.

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