Teaching Self-Improvement To Your Child

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Happy Friday! I’m going to get right into the good stuff today. If you’ve been following my blog or even on social media, you’ve probably noticed I’m huge on advocating self-growth and improvement. I encourage women daily to develop their inner strengths and learn from day-to-day experience. Self-improvement is a great deal to me because not only am I the self-reliance specialist for the women at my church, but I’ve seen the major transformation in myself and others who take the effort to make a change in themselves to better their character. Now that I’ve done my share of research and gain of insight, I want to make sure my son embarks on a self-improving journey as well! Today, I want to teach you the most basic and fun way to begin teaching your child(ren) about self-improvement. This may come off as an obvious answer and may not be the ONLY way to teach your child, however you’ll soon learn why it is the most effective way to start!

Recently, I was introduced to “Inspirational Nursey Ryhmes“, a series of children’s books written to help inspire your child to grow into a wonderful person. The authors are Jackie and Todd Courtney, husband and wife, seeking to encourage parents to influence their kids on self-improvement aspects through these inspirational reads. The books aren’t your typical nursery rhymes. They are the first self-help books to be sold for toddlers that will teach the importance of good character, positive values, and manners. It teaches them the art of gratitude, how your personal kindness can impact others, responsibility, plus more! Their books are specifically designed to embed these great virtues at the subconscious level. Quick fun fact: Did you know that 95% of our behavioral patterns are established by the age of 6? I didn’t. Thanks to researching more about these certain rhymes I was able to enlighten myself about the science behind our children’s learning and brain waves.  Step 1 for teaching self-improvement to our kids is definitely within the content of these books. As I mentioned, they are uniquely designed for this cause. + They’re small and convenient (makes it easy to take on the go), very appealing to the eye (caught my son’s attention instantly) , and they truly radiate a positive message that our children may apply to their life now and years to come. I genuinely love them! I’m not sure how other mothers perceive their child’s future, but I know I want my children to thrive by making a difference. I want them to be aware that their reach is infinite and that they have zero limitations in this destructive world.

Every day I make it a point to read these books to my son. Even though he doesn’t quite understand the concept, there’s no harm in starting out early. Essentially, reading takes a huge role on developing knowledge and skills, why not incorporate the vital aspects in life as well? To check out the set of books, or learn a little more about them be sure to check out their site:


If you’d like to personally write the author with any questions, comments, or all other inquires: CLICK HERE 

Oh did I mention their incredibly affordable too? SCOREEEE.

Thank you for stopping by and reading, I hope you enjoy them as well. Have a darling weekend!



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