A Journey Away From Home 

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I used to be afraid of change. Wandering too far away from my comfort zone was something I didn’t intend to do. When I was made aware of the journey my husband and I were going to embark on, I was distraught. A journey is mean’t to be a bit daunting, yet thriving. However, at the time I didn’t see myself flourishing in any way. Oh how everything has changed, my life did a 360 in a short matter of time. This is isn’t a “happily ever after “post, much less is it a post that will encourage you to stay where you feel comfortable. If you’re in the midst of moving away or perhaps considering it, I’m here to share with you my personal story. Where I wander, a journey away from home.


Embracing The Fresh Start

When I was contact by Wanderer Bracelets a few weeks back I was prompted to share my
new beginning. They encouraged me to find inspiration within my own experiences, and now I’d love for you to feel inspired from it as well.

38.8068 N 90.7000 W, these are the exact coordinates to a strange location I was soon going to call “home” Ofallon, MO right outside of St.Louis was my new beginning. This place was completely new to me, I had never even heard much about St.Louis much less the outskirts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one way trip, all I knew was that staying in Florida wasn’t feasible anymore. Leaving everything behind was the toughest part, but in my mind I kept hope that maybe soon enough we’d move back.

July 15th, 2014 we entered the city. Aside from feeling sick  from pregnancy I was exceedingly anxious as well. The first month was bittersweet. We literally had nothing when we moved in. No job, no furniture, no bed, no microwave, nothing. It took a while for us to adjust, but ultimately we loved having our own place.

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Home Away From Home

Unfortunately, it didn’t continue uphill after that. I did spend several months (6 to be exact) battling with on-going depression. I was alone most days because David worked, played college soccer, and attended school full time. I had no family or friends, just the baby inside of me. Somehow between the dark moments during this stage, I began to fall in love with the city. I would visit Florida throughout the year and it wouldn’t feel as familiar anymore. I began to refer St.Louis and Ofallon as home. Growing apart from my roots didn’t mean I completely pulled away from my home town, it simply helped me bloom into the woman/wife/mother I am now. I’ve never felt so connected to a place, especially after Kaden was born. This is the only home he knows, the home that brought new opportunities for our family to prosper.

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Where I Wander

These bracelets have a deep significance, I chose this set as symbols of my journey. The compass, it represents my sense of adventure. A reminder to always explore new places and never be afraid of the journey, even if it does mean moving away from “home”. The coordinates, we aren’t sure if this will remain our home for good. We may or may not settle here, it remains unknown. Regardless our destiny, this will always be the greatest memory to me. This city hold so many memories, it is OUR first home. The hamsa, a symbol to avoid negative emotions, vibes, and energy. This won’t always be possible, but keeping a positive perspective will change your outlook in all aspects.


Wherever this life may take us, you must always seek for self improvement and personal growth. Despite how hard it may be to move away, it’s good for the soul. It very much does help us grow. I invite you all to try moving at least once in your life, you never know the opportunities that await you somewhere else away from your comfort zone.

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Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on moving away from home. I’d love to know your experience as well!

*Disclosure: Huge thanks to Wanderer Bracelets for partnering up with me. I was compensated by Wanderer Bracelets to provide my review for their product and share my “Where I Wander” journey. ALL experiences/comments/thoughts are my own. 




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