Keeping The Hair Simple with La Bella and Review Video


La Bella Beauty and I are partnered up to share a short review on their styling products! Keep in mind this is my very first review video. Warning: the video editing isn’t the greatest nor are the products focused which is why they’re posted below as well. You can read the same exact remarks and find individual links to the product if you continue to read below!



The Products

Max Hold Styling Gel 

Ideal gel to enhance waves/curls, very gentle on the hair. Keeps it from becoming frizzy and adds volume as well. Doesn’t leave rock-hard effect though. I use this on my toddler when I do his hair too. It’s very light weight formula and keeps my hair tamed. Definitely a great product for the price! Buy HERE


Super Shine Polishing Serum w. Avocado Oil

Definitely MY DAILY essential right here! This doesn’t only give my hair the perfect smooth texture, but it hydrates and keeps the frizzy’s away as well. I initially start my hair routine with this right after I get out of the shower, whether I’ve washed my hair or not. Then I follow with either the styling gel or curls creme, depending on which look I want to achieve. This does not leave your hair greasy or overly shiny that it appears oily. No concerns whatsoever, I LOVE LOVE this product and highly reccomend it! Buy HERE


La Bella Instant Curls Crème

Conditions my hair thoroughly, doesn’t enhance my waves as much as the gel but leaves my hair super soft! Very lightweight formula. Simply apply at roots and work upwards. No sticky residue, best when you blow dry your hair afterwards. Leaves a beachy-Shakira look! Not my ultimate favorite La Bella product, but I use it frequently because I’m happy with the result! Buy HERE

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this review! I would love to hear what you thought about it or if you’ve tried these products before! Be sure to enter a cool giveaway on my Instagram for a chance to win their styling products AND a $50 gift card to Target!

*Huge thanks again to La Bella Beauty for sponsoring this post and video. They provided the products and compensation, however, all the experiences & opinions about these items are my own.


  • Savanna


    I NEED that polishing serum! You did great on the video, they’re always fun.

    • dianasamantha

      Yes you do! I promise you’ll love it! Haha thanks I’m awkward in front of the camera. ?

  • Rosa Hernandez


    I loved the video and for sure I hbd to try those products!! Thanks for sharing!!?

    • dianasamantha

      Yeah girl! I think even winndixie sells it 🙂

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