Our Last Vacation As A Family Of Three

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One of the best perks of living in Florida is being able to vacation throughout any season! This year we decided to welcome Fall & spend our last huge outing as a family of three over in Orlando at the Orange Lake Resort.

Considering I was 36 weeks along in my pregnancy, we wanted to keep our staycation reasonably close to home and very low key. This is one of the top resorts in Central FL, making it the ideal place for our little family to enjoy a weekend full of chill activities and water fun.

The 2 bedroom villa we stayed in for the weekend literally felt like our own little home. I appreciated how spacious it is, especially since my parents/little brother tagged along. The amenities are very convenient and ours had all updated appliances as well. Talk about the perfect family getaway!

Pools For Days

We spent the majority of our time within the River Island area, which is where our villa was located. We did explore the other 5-6 pools within the resort though! My personal favorite was the flowing lazy river. The pools are a very decent large size, the scenery that surrounds them is gorgeous and totally insta worthy too. I love how toddler friendly each “island” is.  Kaden got to enjoy swimming around with us and waddled through the small children area too!

For adults you can choose to join in on the fun or relax poolside, lounge section, private cabana and enjoy drinks/food. The swimming areas are honestly best for all ages.


These hammocks were comfy & pretty sturdy, they are so fun for the family. Every family should have one of the sturdiest hanging chairs for outdoor fun.

Family Fun

There are various restaurants on site to choose from or you have the option to whip up your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen area in the room. My family chose to eat out our last night over at River Island Grilling Co. If reasonably priced and a menu that consists a wide range of items for the whole family is your thing then this restaurant is the place to go!

Overall, I felt very comfortable the entire three days we spent here. The resort’s amenities and play zones are easily accessible to the residents and guests. You can purchase a play band for unlimited access to any play zone, definitely worth it! Our main priority was to make special memories with K before his baby brother came along; Orange Lake gave us that and a wholesome family experience too!

If you’re in Florida already or plan to pay a visit with your family this all inclusive water resort is one of my top suggestions.  However, if you’re looking to do a couple’s getaway be sure to check out my Orlando guide for additional ideas!

Thank you to Holiday Inn Club Vacations for sponsoring our stay at the Orange Lake Resort! All opinions & remarks remained my own.


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