Mastering The Art of Detachment 

Do you ever feel enslaved by material things, maybe even by your own emotions/thoughts? Personally, I know I have felt defeated by them. The moment you give something else power over you, you’ve already lost. This is why I find the art of detachment incredibly vital to living simpler, and overall peaceful. As I continue to grow in my own journey, I have come to face these sort of challenges in my life. Simplifying and becoming more aware of your self reliance requires you to detach and this is done slowly, day by day. You can not allow yourself to depend on material objects to cultivate your happiness. You also can not allow to trap yourself in negative energy every time you’re tangled in sensitive situations. This is how we end up losing sight of our self reliance and inner peace.


Letting go of material things was by far the hardest for me. Even though I’ve never been much of a materialist, I’d always spend money on ‘things’. My excuses were somewhere around these lines: “this is a great deal, let me buy it” “$10 won’t hurt” “I really need that! (I really didn’t)” – eventually I realized that I wasn’t satisfied unless I was constantly shopping or buying things I THOUGHT I needed. This unhealthy habit went on for years until I made a change a few months ago. I’m not going to tell you that I don’t shop or spend money because then I’d be lying, however, I am a lot more frugal when it comes to spending. Living a simple life and spending unnecessary money on material things just don’t go hand in hand. A tip to help you get started on detaching from materialism is set your mindset to other things you can spend your money on. Instead of spending $300 on makeup or shoes, that money can go for small road trips, family vacations, savings account, etc.


I used to suffer a lot from being entirely too attached to my thoughts and emotions. The idea of letting go of my comfort zone was frightening. I would allow thoughts to cloud my judgment and base my day off my current emotions. It was all so overwhelming, it’s actually overwhelming just reminiscing about it. Detaching myself emotionally was done prior to my simplicity journey, however now that I am living this lifestyle I am encouraged to higher thinking. I seek out different perspectives and analyze them when I apply them to my life. This may include anywhere from creative, critical, to deep thinking. Even though at times I do feel upset, anxious, stressed, etc I do not feed into the negative energies or dwell from them. Let go of anything that may be bringing you down. Holding on to destruction will eventually break you. I’ve been there, done that!

I hope this read inspires you to master the art of detachment, it’s a struggle indeed but discovering that constant ease of mind makes it all worth it. Thanks for stopping by! xx

mastering the art of detachment
mastering the art of detachment


  • Savanna


    Diana. I adore this. I find so much “joy” in shopping, my family laughs that I am always waiting on a package. As you know I have recently realized that I want to change. That second point seems vital. I will be working on that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • dianasamantha

      Ha, same! It was so addicting. Thanks to simplicity I’ve learned of the REAL joys in life and overall, I do live happier. I’m so glad you stopped by to read this xx 💓

  • Courtney


    You are officially my hero! I’ve been taking small steps into transitioning my home and life into more simple and minimal living. It’s crazy to think back to all the money I wasted on things I thought I needed buy used maybe only once. 😳 It’s been such a relieving and cleansing feeling to get rid of all the things that no longer serve me or my little family. absolutely love this post! Thank you for sharing!

    • dianasamantha

      Simplicity will always bless your life! You’re off to a great start, thanks for reading xx

  • Sheena


    Yes I totally get this. All work in progress but time and willingness to learn helps so much. Thank you for this 💛

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