Minimal Styles for Littles 

Hello loves! Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful week! As I continue my simplifying journey, I realize that I can incorporate simple pieces in not only my wardrobe, but my son’s too! I’m happily delighted to have the opportunity of partnering up with a darling small shop to share with you some minimal styles for littles; inspired by Sasha + Lucca.

Who is Sasha + Lucca? It goes back to Elena, the creator/owner, and two of her friends moving to New York from various parts of the world. Post universities, eventually meeting, becoming friends and one late night talking about what they wanted to do “at some point in the future”…. Elena had her first child by then, and threw out the idea of creating a clothing line with the aesthetics and quality she’s been dreaming of since her birth. Something clean, modern, yet timeless, easy to mix into existing wardrobe and something that retains the quality over time. Her friends jumped in, and a month later they were scouting production facilities in Lima. They were seeking out small businesses, working with artisans in the community, and with access to natural high quality fibers to produce their designs. So much for “at some point in the future”.

Well, that just goes to show the FUTURE is now! No need to put your goals on hold. #MOMBOSSES run this.

Anyway, when I was introduced to her fashion I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the clothing line. High-quality texture and neutral colors (SCORE). These outfits are ideal for spring and summer time, as they’re light weight & extra comfortable for your littles. If you’ve been looking for something minimal and modern, you got it! This brand is the epitome of minimal style. One thing I especially loved about these pieces is that they go perfectly with one or the other, totally mix match-able. See below for ways I styled them together, Kaden is such a natural stud.



So, what do you think? Pretty unique huh? Let me assure you, minimalism is completely achievable and beneficial for you and your little’s. Something so simple as clothing can express so much about your lifestyle. I invite you to try out a minimalist wardrobe for your child(ren). After all, simplicity does bless us all. If you’re interested in seeing all their styles be sure to head over to: SASHAANDLUCCA.COM for more inspo! Have a darling weekend all, thanks for reading xx.

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  • Rachel Simmons


    Beautiful child and cute simple clothes I lov it

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you Rachel! xx happy Friday!

  • Savanna


    I went to check out their shop and I just love the simplicity! So so cute.

    • dianasamantha

      Right! It’s so adorable. I want moreeeeeee.

  • Ros Emely@stressfreemommies


    Such a cute outfit..your baby boy is so adorable!

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks Ros! I appreciate your comment xoxoxox



    Love those shoes!

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