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“I make mom friends around town all the time”, said no mom ever. I can’t remember the last time I actually kept up with someone I met at the park or even fully made a connection with another local mom I met randomly. Finding moms you can genuinely connect with is tough. You don’t want to come off as overbearing nor unapproachable. Fortunately, through social media I’ve met plenty of awesome mama’s I’d love to meet one day. However, soon enough I don’t have to wait around to meet my ideal mommy friends from out of state. I’ll have the chance to find local mama’s that I’m compatible with all through one simple app!


I want to present to you: Kindred App | the concept of this app is to connect you with moms within your community, not only locally, but also emotionally! They have a special feature where users will be suggested to one another based on different likes, dislikes and children’s ages as potential matches.  Kindred will inform you and the other mom with a MAMA MAYBE? once you both accept the suggestion it’ll turn into a MAMA MATCH & you can begin messaging! Avoids the awkwardness and it helps you gain more confidence. Plus, this will all be fo’free! It’s absolutely genius!

Here is a preview of how exactly Kindred will work:




I’m personally super stoked to try this new app out once it unveils to the public! In the meantime, you’ll be able to visit their Kickstarter page next month to view more about the app and all the inside details. This kick starter campaign is essentially to help fund for the app itself. Christina and her husband have been working on this app for a while now and are looking for supporters to help bring it to life ASAP. Of course they are also giving out will great rewards and wonderful prizes for those who decide to show support by even donating $5 to their funding. One out of the many rewards you can receive is this MAMA FOX tee:

mama fox


Interview w. Co Founder

Christina, tell us a little bit about who YOU are:
What/who inspired you to create KINDRED?
The inspiration for Kindred came from my personal experiences as a mother.
I have worn many motherhood hats, including working mom, stay at home mom, single mom and PPD mom. The road through these experiences was often bumpy.
I had a terrible transition into motherhood and suffered from PPD until my oldest was 8 months old. His biological father, my ex, is a raging alcoholic and constantly brought me down as a person and a Mama. At the time I was working full time and had no idea I was suffering from it and didn’t have any Mama friends to turn to for help or advice. After leaving my ex when my oldest was 5 1/2 months I still felt anxious to be around my baby and thought motherhood was supposed to be full of misery because “your life ends” when you have kids.
With my youngest it was a completely different experience! I was able to enjoy my pregnancy with my amazing husband AND got to stay at home with my children. I realize more with each passing day how badly I was suffering from PPD with my oldest. Each day I make more of an effort to establish the connections him and I didn’t make when he was a baby due to it, I feel like I’m not alone in this.  Even after my second child and becoming a stay at home mom I’ve found it really difficult to find other mamas to connect with.
Realizing that no matter if you are a working, stay at home or any other type of Mama it truly is very difficult to make Mama friends locally. I strongly feel if every Mama had access to a platform to easily meet and connect with other Mamas it would do away with the feeling of isolation and loneliness most mothers face at one time or another.
Will this app be available to users WORLDWIDE?
The app will first launch in all English speaking countries. We will be simultaneously working on a Spanish version as well. We would like to be there for every Mama who needs us, no matter what country they live in.
What if we aren’t sure how to approach other moms, will this app connect us with like minded mamas? 
Most mamas feel anxious when trying to initiate conversation or while being approached by another Mama. One of the biggest barriers we all face is getting past the small talk of “How old are they?” Or “They’re adorable!” and into the “What interests do YOU have?” “What inspires you?” and “Who are you OUTSIDE of being a Mama?”. That is what we want to spark with Kindred, going beyond the small talk and into the heart of what makes each Mama an individual. Prior to entering Motherhood we all were our own individuals, why should entering Motherhood mean we lost ourselves along the way? We suggest mamas who have similar interests as you when it’s convenient for you. That way you get a chance to truly connect with the other Mama once you’ve made a Mama Match. We make scheduling an event super easy by using a survey component to cut out all the unnecessary chatting usually involved with making plans. Time saved means more Mama-time for ourselves!
Do you have any other plans for KINDRED in the future?
We have BIG plans for Kindred! They are top secret right now though. We can say they are ALL to help make the lives of every Mama easier.
Connect w/ Kindred: IG | FB 

To be the first to find out when Kindred app launches or further giveaways from them sign up HERE ! I truly believe this movement will be successful & helpful. From one mom to another, much love.


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