The Ideal Natural Beauty Gift for Every Busy Woman


It’s about that time of year when everyone seeks the perfect gift whether it’s for their family or friend, can we not all relate? Well, this isn’t going to be your typical gift guide. This is one of the most ideal “wellness” gift sets for every busy woman in your life. Most women that love skin care, will undoubtedly love this as well! The products are uniquely handmade from Heritage 1933, a green beauty line based in St.Louis. The owner, Latoya, reached out to me about working together so I had the opportunity to test these out myself for roughly 3 weeks. I’m super excited to tell you about them because once you realize they’re the ideal beauty gift, you’ll definitely want to add these to your holiday shopping list. You can purchase the beauty box set HERE and use MOTHERSOUL for $$ off!

Now without further ado, shall we begin?


Purity Clay Mask

Let’s start off with this simplified gem. This purity clay mask is made up of the famous healing bentonite clay and lavender oil! It helps flush out toxins, unclog and minimize pores, and calms inflammatory skin. For me this has made my skin feel and appear revitalized. About 2-3xs a week I make sure to treat myself to a nice mask time & bath to relax. The natural minerals in this is what I love most about it. Even if you have sensitive skin, it’s worth a try. There was minor redness after I washed it off, but it goes away fast! No harsh chemicals, completely safe for you, and effective results! You can learn about other ways to use it here!

Exhale Soaking Bath Salt

Next up we have the amazing soaking bath salt. As you can probably assume, this is a gal’s best pal for bath time after a long hectic day! Made up of Pink Himalayan bath salts this natural stress reliever will have you coming back for more each night. This has personally eased my body and mind at every use. I literally feel the tension in my muscles fade away after a nice 20-30 minute bath. Running around with a toddler, working out, and dealing with the other 38720 things in my daily life this has become something I look forward to each day. It’s soothing to simply kick back and relax each night & unwind. Oh, and let’s not forget how great this is for detoxifying as well! More reason to love, right? Check out how to use it HERE.

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O.M.G. Moisturizing Oil

Here’s a favorite! We have this drenching moisturizer! OMG is an understatement with how effective this oil is for me. Not only has it kept my hair ridiculously hydrated + healthy, but I’ve noticed a tiny bit of hair growth in just 3 WEEKS. You don’t want to over-do it because it’ll leave your hair greasy (oops, I did this the first time I tried it), but I quickly learned that a little bit of this truly goes a long way. Personally, I don’t suffer from an itchy scalp, but this would help soothe it as well. Due to how how multi-functional this product is I have used it on my face and did NOT break out (actually helped breakouts due to the tea tree oil in it). It keeps my face from drying up since there’s honestly nothing better than coconut oil for this purpose. I simply love it! You can also check what else is in this little bottle of miracles HERE. I can’t recommend this one enough!

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Coffee Exfoliating Scrub

Lastly, let’s talk about this exfoliating scrub. It was my first time trying a coffee scrub, so I was somewhat skeptical about it. Well, now I see what the hype is all about! There probably isn’t a better (& safer) exfoliating scrub than this natural beast right here. With the properties within the coffee bean, other vitamins, & CINNAMON this will be such an effective aid to reducing fine lines, stimulating blood flow, and removing dry + dead skin. I exfoliate about 3xs a week because I don’t wear much makeup! Whenever I don’t use the clay mask I add this to my routine instead. The smell was a bit strong for me since I’m not a coffee drinker, but to those who love it will find this scent to be heavenly! Overall, what matter to me is the effectiveness and this one didn’t fall short to the other products at all.


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My Favorite Out of The Set

What can I say? My hair is my prized possession. The OMG Moisturizer has won me over more than any other one of these items in the set. I always do my best to keep my hair looking healthy and retain a smooth texture. This product is literally one of my every day essentials! Just add a bit on your tips and work your way up. Use a few drops!

With all this being said remember to use MOTHERSOUL (words must be together) to get a discount on any item, including this gift set over at Heritage 1933. I bet any woman would love to indulge in some sort of self-care, so why not help by introducing them to some of these?

If you’d like to see more inspiration or stay updated with their latest check out their social media!





Thanks for stopping by today love! Hope this inspired you to choose natural beauty for your Christmas Gift list!

*DISCLOSURE: Post is sponsored by Heritage 1933, all opinions + ideas are my own.





  • Savanna


    Oooo I want to try these out, they all look super amazing!?

    • dianasamantha

      They are so great!! Get $5 off with that code. 😉

  • Stina


    Everything looks so good, especially the bath salts and moisturizing oil! I am obsessed with oils because they’re so good for the hair and skin. I’be been using avocado oil for my face and hair and it has worked wonders. Natural beauty all the way! Thanks so much for sharing these options babe!

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