Our Perspective on Parenthood

Happy Hump Day! I’m ecstatic to announce this new monthly blog series “Eternal Darlings”, which is a collaboration with my husband, David. Every month we will team up and write inspiring shares on topics such as parenthood, spirituality, relationships, etc. We both appreciate the art of writing and thought it would be a cool idea to join together to work on a duo post here and there. If you’d like to request a specific topic go ahead & let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy! (All feedback is greatly appreciated btw)


HER PERSPECTIVE: Parenthood is the epitome of responsibility and growth. It encourages you to reach your infinite potential and discover your hidden talents within. As you begin to create your own path in parenting you take the role of being a teacher, a role model. Selflessness is essential and constant learning is required to succeed in this eternal journey. Parenthood is not temporarily, it’s embedded in you even after the next life. Open your mind and accept the concept of it even if you’re afraid. Ultimately, no one is ever truly ready for this, you just live it, and flourish from it, forever.


HIS PERSPECTIVE: The feelings that come with parenthood are never-ending. Something so deep and indescribable has no beginning, nor end. It is fast as the space and infinite as the mind, so this parenthood sensation did not start at birth and won’t end at death. Parenthood will change you, or it should change you, and mold you into the person you NEED to be. Change is switching from one point of view to another, or one action to another. Parenthood is change, parenthood now (in your 20’s) will be different from parenthood at a later age. As parents, you will be ever-changing, hence those feelings are infinite.


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– David&Diana





  • Kasey m.


    Such an awesome duo! Would love to read how to build a strong marriage!

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you! We’ll definitely write up a post on that topic. xx much love

  • Savanna


    This was so cute to read. You two are such a unique and pure couple. <3

    • dianasamantha

      Tanxxx Sav! I appreciate you stopping by xoxoxo



    Oh I really like this his and her perspectives. Would you be willing to share this post on my blog hop?

    • dianasamantha

      Of course! I’d love to! Thank you for stopping by xx.

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