Dealing With Negativity And Overcoming It

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I think it’s essential to learn how to deal with negativity and how to overcome it. Especially now that April is upon us, I am preparing myself to welcome the energy of a new month.

Now a days everyone seems to try and jump on the positivity train, which is actually a great thing! The more people radiating positive vibes and actions the better, right? However, it’s important to remember that a positive person also encounters negativity just like anyone else. Whether it’s negativity others bring into our life or negativity we bring upon ourselves, we must learn to get through it without trying to avoid it.

How I Personally Deal With Negativity

After many years of allowing others to darken my presence and dim my light, I have found that I no longer give that power to anyone else. The best tip to achieve this is to become 100% aware of WHO YOU ARE and recognize how truly great you are. You are the only one who holds that power. Whether you choose to claim that power is up to you. Our reactions to people’s negativity is merely a reflection of self love and thoughts of ourself. When you’re practicing self love no one can bring you down, you are in charge of that.

This is where my cycle of negativity takes place. See, others don’t have the ability to break me, but I do. When I begin to feel negative thoughts or negativity surround me it’s because I bring it upon myself.

At times it’s my anxiety taking over, maybe I’m doubting my potential, or my purpose becomes a blur. Sometimes it takes days/weeks to rise above my lows. I’ve tried avoiding my own negativity and that’s when I find it harder to overcome it.

Nonetheless, what ever the reason is I find it extremely helpful to isolate myself from the outside world. Meaning I focus on my little family and nothing else. By focusing on my kids and my husband it helps me want to burst out of the negative bubble as soon as possible. I try to think about long term goals and what I should be doing RIGHT NOW to achieve them. I write down all the things I love about myself. Lots of affirmations and self reflection is the best way to overcome any type of negative experience or emotion.

Typically when you allow it to drain you it’s because lack of self potential and confidence. You drown yourself in worries of not being good enough, anxious thoughts of things that could go wrong, and feelings of discouragement. I know it, I’ve lived it, and still do at times. The only difference is that now it doesn’t happen as often and when it does, it doesn’t stick around for too long.

Here are 5 things I do when negativity is trying to consume me:

  1. Remember my WHY; WHY am I working so hard to become a better version of myself. WHY is it so important for me to stop feeding into negativity.
  2. Say 3 things I really love about myself. This instantly boosts my confidence, even just a little.
  3. Practice more self care even if I don’t feel like doing it. I do something easy like take a walk, write down how I feel, etc.
  4. Do something positive that makes me feel uplifted and happy. It can be as simple as eating a healthy meal or listening to an inspiring message.
  5. Claim my power. Knowing that I am the only one who should have control over my happiness. If it makes me feel bad, I toss it away. Figuratively and/or literally.

overcoming negativity

Doing these 5 things won’t necessarily take away negativity for ever, but it’ll help you get through it and alleviate the stress and anxiety. Consistency is always key, the more you do it the better results you’ll see.

Do you have certain things that you do to overcome negativity, I’d love to know other ways to make a negative moment a smoother experience.

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!


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