A Quick and Easy Sunrise Routine

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My updated morning routine has been requested by many, so I wanted to share with you this quick and easy sunrise routine.

Why is an AM ritual important?

First of all, before starting a ritual you should know the reason why you’re doing it, right? Well, having a positive structured routine in the morning will definitely help set the tone of your day. It will help activate your senses & clear your mind of yesterday’s baggage. From my personal experience, having a morning ritual has increased productivity, positivity, and enhanced focus + motivation. You DONT have to be a morning person to begin a morning routine, but I assure that you’ll soon become one if you practice this continuously.

My Easy Routine

Even though I stay home with my kids, this can be done by anyone!

1. As soon as you wake up say a morning prayer, simply be grateful to see a new day.

2. Wash your face, no better way to wake yo self up. I use either my ZENMED Cleansing Gel or Farmacy New Day

3. Warm up to fully energize your mind and activate your muscles; this includes 1 round of: arm + neck stretches, head rolls, 20 calf lifts, 20 bounce squats, 20 jumping jacks, touch the floor with feet together, downward dog, 20 plank twists, 5 push-ups, child pose to cobra, 20 crunches, & finish up with a back stretch by lying on your back and twisting to each side. (THIS IS DONE IN ABOUT 5 MINS)

4. 10 Minute session of any kind of meditation. I am currently doing a 7 Day of Calm & Mindfulness meditation through my CALM app.

5. Drink lemon water (preferably warm)

Most people don’t have time, but if my kids are still asleep I’ll read for a few minutes then start on my online-work until they wake up.

That’s it! Not too crazy huh? If you start with simple little habits, eventually you’ll start to notice significant improvements in your wellbeing. Let me know if you’re gonna try it out or if you have one of your own. I love hearing other forms of rituals as well.

Until next time ~


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