Route 66 Adventure w. Missouri History Museum

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I’ve been living in the St. Louis area for 2 years now and who know how much Missouri has to offer! Undoubtedly, I’m the epitome of adventure so anything travel related makes my soul happy. The historic Route 66 (AKA Mother Road) is one of my goals to explore thoroughly. It’s truly amazing that we have this historic highway is in St. Louis as well! It makes it even more exciting to celebrate this “wander-ful” route its 90th year! As you may assume, the “original” route is no longer intact. However, that doesn’t stop Route 66 from being such a popular historic highway! You can still travel through a some historical routes that have been modified through-out the years.


Let’s Go Back In Time

So taking a trip back to the famous Route 66 here in St.Louis. I was invited to tour of the new Route 66 exhibit at the awesome Missouri History Museum. This exhibit is free to the public along with other attractions as well. My family had the opportunity to join me, they absolutely loved it as well! Route 66 displayed and conveyed our STL history to the core. From the original Chase Park Plaza sign, Carl’s Drive In, Air stream,  listening stations, Ted Drewes, etc.


All of The Lights

One of my favorite parts of this exhibit were the neon signs! How cool are these lights right?! The vintage feel was right up my ally. I loved taking a glimpse back into the “old days” and compare it to modern era. It’s amazing how this city has evolved. Since I am not an STL native, I don’t know a great amount about the locations (and their history). Regardless, exploring this exhibit still gives me a sense of pride knowing all these gems are located in the area.


This experience was illuminating, fun, and family friendly! Hope you learned a little more about St. Louis history. I definitely recommend taking a visit, so if you’re in the area you don’t want to miss out! I can’t wait to come back again! This exhibit will be open to public until July 2017… remember it’s FREE!


Huge thanks to ALIVE Influencer Network + The Missouri History Museum for sponsoring this post. 


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