SAHM: How To Make Your Day + Your Little(s) Day Better


Hey guys! It IS midweek! Wow, didn’t that happen quickly?! Wasn’t yesterday Monday, or is that just me? Anyway, I’m super excited to bring you this awesome post. I don’t know if you’ll think it’s awesome, but I think it’s awesome so that works for me lol. No seriously though, I personally wanted to share some tips with you stay at home mama’s because I KNOW the struggle. I KNOW what it’s like to have a splendid day & the next be total crap. I KNOW sometimes you feel like you’re continuously doing the same thing over & over again. Trust me, I KNOW. Being a stay at home is obviously ideal to many. It is an amazing blessing to be able to stay home. Honestly it is the most rewarding lifestyle in my opinion, however things aren’t always so pleasant. Sometimes you lose sight of how great it actually is, especially when you don’t know what type of day to expect anymore right? Yep, I KNOW. Just know we are all doing our best. You may not be the greatest at everything, but you’re staying home to provide for your household. Yep, even if you’re not financially providing you’re still giving your 100% dedication to your kid(s) + your home! Not everyone can handle that, you are a fabulous #supermom. So please remember that. Alright, well now let’s get to the good stuff! I came up with a few things that have tremendously helped me & K’s day go by a lot smoother, I hope this will encourage you to try them, if you haven’t already. By the way there’s also a free print design (5×7) that I created to share with you! Feel free to download it below. I’d love to see it framed or even as a binder/folder cover!


One: Be up before 9AM. I know several moms get up around 6-7AM anyway because their little is an early bird (not mine), well chances are you’ll be more active & encouraged to take on whatever the may day bring. We obviously deserve to sleep in every once in a while, but the earlier we are up (preferably before our child/ren) the better. Believe me, I’ve seen the difference in my attitude as well.

Two: Get ready. This doesn’t mean you need to shower every single morning, especially if you’re not an AM showerer (is that even a word? probably not but you get me lol) however a nice quick shower does uplift my mood instantly so I highly suggest it. You don’t even have to put on makeup or get dressed up because let’s face it, if we know we’re gonna stay home all day more than likely we just want to be comfy. Basically all you need is to wash your face, brush your hair/teeth, & throw on something to wear (try to stay away from the PJs bc you’re more likely to stay in all day) the point is to feel refreshed & ready to start your day.

Three: Solitude & meditation. Whether it’s as short as 10 minutes or an hour long, try to squeeze in some solitude time in the morning to do something peaceful. Refer this time as a “mini me time” Whether it’s read scriptures/a book/write/work on crafts/yoga anything that will soothe your mind. This will invite in the peaceful vibes. If your child(ren) is up when you’re up, try doing this during their nap time instead of getting on social media. You’ll still have time to clean/cook. Like I said, all you need is a few minutes.

Four: Get active. Now, this doesn’t always necessarily mean go for a run or do workouts at home. What I mean by getting active is keep yourself occupied. Sometimes as SAHM’s we come across those days when we have too much time on our hands. Find little things to do such as: pick up around the house, reorganize your closet, shoot reorganize your home if ya want, go outside with your little & take in some fresh air even if you don’t go anywhere, dance with your baby they love it, do a mini photoshoot in your home, color with them, play with flash cards, or even make a fort out of blankets for them. Anything that will keep you up from the couch pretty much.

Five: Stay positive. Some days are too much, we get beyond stressed. There are times I don’t even care to do anything because frustration takes over, but always ALWAYS remind yourself how extremely blessed you are. You may not see your ultimate purpose in life, but you’re actually fulfilling it right now. Motherhood is the ultimate purpose in our life, then come our careers/goals/dreams of course. You’re a mother, not an old person who no longer has a future lol. Don’t get discouraged, instead enjoy these moments at home with your little(s) because sooner than later, they’ll be nothing but memories.


One: Fun breakfast/lunch. Oh my gosh how much they enjoy this! You don’t have to make faces out of food or make cool meals lol. I mean just sit there with your baby & make the time enjoyable. Show them their favorite video or turn on some music, sing to them while they eat, or play airplane with their spoon/fork. This is just a good way to interact with them & make meal time a little more pleasant.

Two: Let them explore. I know we tend to be protective, but we shouldn’t take everything “non-baby” away from them. Let them explore each room in the house, don’t keep them in one place too long. Show them different things in the rooms and explain what they are, they love discovering new objects.

Three: Mid-day baths. Just got home from the park? Maybe lunch time got super messy? Ditch the baby wipes & just bathe them instead, even if you did just bathe him/her the night before. I’ve noticed how much my son loves mid-day baths, I’ll even join in sometimes if I didn’t get a chance to shower in the morning. This will soothe them & help nap time come a lot quicker!

Four: Playing is caring. They’ll less likely get crabby if you’re actually engaging with them while playing with toys. I know sometimes this can get tough, because I still struggle with this a lot. Although teaching them to play independently is encouraged, I do see the difference in my son’s attitude when I actually sit next to him & play with his blocks, cars, puzzles, etc. Your little one likes learning from you, so next time you see baby playing alone, just join them for a little while.

Five: Love them. The best way to make your baby’s day better is to simply love and show that emotional affection towards them. Yeah, I know sometimes those little gremlins can get on our last nerve & make us want to pull out our hair. They test our patience, make us exhausted, & eat our food.. but hey, that’s what they do. Can’t live without them so might as well love & enjoy them, they won’t stay little forever. (;

Well this is all. I didn’t expect it to be so long. I do hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading! & Be sure to let me know some of your ways to make a SAHM’s day better, oh don’t forget your new print!

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    • dianasamantha

      Thank you! I’m so glad you did! xx ?

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    New at reading mommy blogs and I love that I loved my first one so much ! Thank you for this

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      Of course! Thank you so much for stopping by, xx.

  • Sondra Knight


    Great post! I remember many days when I had just one baby, where EVERYTHING on your list would help make the days better! Now with three littles, my list has evolved a bit, but the gist is all the same.. Engage the kids, love on the kids, and stay active! Pretty much sums it up! Also, I love the part about having some mini-me time and staying positive! They are things that aren’t always easy to do, but so important! <3

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