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Hey guys! After being asked several times what my exact daily wellness routine entails, I decided to create a poll on Twitter to see how many people would be interested in reading a post about how I’ve improved my health. So here I am, ready to share with you everything I’ve done the past few months that have helped me reach a healthier state of mind/body/and soul. This is the ideal time of the year to create new self care habits & routines for yourself. I hope this will resonate with you and inspire you to practice it daily!

Keep in mind this is strictly MORNING and NIGHT routine, usually Kaden & I have different things going on each day. However, this is the consistent part of my week.

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Wake Up Early

Before you say “I’m not a morning person”, trust me neither am I. At least, I wasn’t for a very long time. To this day I still prefer to stay up all night and sleep in, because c’mon.. it feels good huh? Well to be honest, being an early riser feels even better! I have made it a habit to wake up anywhere from 5:30-6 AM. I’m also a mom, so this gives me extra time to get stuff done before my cray cray (toddler) wakes up. Waking up early doesn’t only benefit moms obviously, it is scientifically proven that early risers tend to feel more energy and positive vibes throughout the day! I’m creating a guide to improve sleeping habits to help you wake up earlier, if you’d like to this FREE guide be sure to get access to my Mother Soul Inspo Library.

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A.M Workout

I usually do my workout as soon as I wake up, or sometimes I’ll get some work done then work out. It’s always vice versa though, I simply make sure to get my session in before my son wakes up. I’ve been doing Kayla’s workout program BBG. This has been the best for me because I can either choose to work out at my fitness center or in my living room. This program is structured, it targets specific body parts on different days, and comes with a meal guide as well. I’m forever thankful my sister n law sent this over to me! I started seeing a change in my body within a few weeks. Definitely recommend this over using machines. I have both guides (pre training, WEEK 1-12 and 12-24); however, I started over from week 1 on January 1st. I’ve been doing this consistently since October 2016.

Kayla’s BBG program has helped me achieve fitness goals I didn’t expect to reach this quickly. I was always too lazy to work out, but since I’ve started I can’t stop, won’t stop. Plus it makes me feel like a total BADA$$ after each work-out! 😉

A.M Skin Care

Right after my workout, my skin plays a great part at this time. Ever since I cleared my adult acne, I make sure to treat my skin with care daily. In the shower I make sure to wash my face with Philosophy Made Simple Cleanser; this is a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin that thoroughly cleans and brightens my face. What I use afterwards is my MY FAVORITE item! It’s the Aveda Tulasara Brightening Serum. This has instantly restored radiance and glow to my face, helps even my skin tone as well! I STRONGLY recommend, it truly helped me overcome my self consciousness of post acne dark spots. & Lastly, I moisturize my face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream; you can read more about why I love this product along with my other favorite wellness items HERE. Using all these products in conjunction truly help me feel awake and ready to begin my day!

Healthy Meals

Fueling yourself with appropriate nutrition is not only crucial for a healthy body, but if you’re seeking to lose weight this IS the most important aspect of your day! Prior to changing my eating habits I could not understand why I was always hungry and not losing any weight. I meaan, I was eating “semi” healthy. Turns out that your body definitely needs unprocessed foods, whole & fresh goods, and LOTS & LOTS of water (I drink a gallon daily) to remove fat. I’ve heard many times that you can reach your fitness goals with working out and eating whatever you please. This is not true. Ultimately, you may lose weight and keep some off but living a healthier lifestyle means cleaning up your meals as well. You will not achieve long-term success eating bad daily. That’s just not feasible. Sure we should treat and indulge occasionally, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. Taking care of my body has extremely benefited my state of mind. Not only do I feel but I look happier, lighter, and healthier.

Every morning before breakfast I drink apple cider vinegar, water, and lemon. I mix a cap-ful of ACV in room temperature water w. freshly squeezed lemon. I usually drink it in a wine glass (lol). Add some honey if you can’t take the flavor. This drink is especially beneficial for lowering blood sugar, increases satiety and may improve digestion, Apple cider vinegar may help you shed pounds and improve your health too like it has mine!

At the time of breakfast I usually make a cup of tea and drink a green smoothie, berry smoothie, or prepare old fashion oatmeal afterwards. If you’d like to download my specific recipe’sclick here.

green smoothie

Alone & Plan Time

Alone time for me is absolutely essential on a daily basis. I know some of you can barely squeeze some time of solitude into your day, but I truly do encourage you to try. During my alone time which is usually during nap time I like to do a variety of activities. Not every day is the same but a few of the things I do is skim through positive reads, pick up around the house, create content, plan & make simple to do lists, write down my progress with current goals, etc. I have found this time to be productive instead of watching TV, laying around, or browsing through social media. I’m fortunate enough to get alone time in the evening when my hubs comes home as well, I try to get out the house & refresh my mind. If you only get 10-30 minutes of alone time I’d spend it meditating, reading, or planning for the next few days. This instantly makes you feel productive, I promise. 

PM Skin Care

I drink my night time tea (click here to download my recipe) which helps me unwind completely and prepare for bed; then I start my PM skin care routine. Hardly do I ever miss my skin care regimen simply because I have noticed a drastic difference with these products. I use miscellar water to take off my makeup when I wear it, wash with Kiehl’s Calendula wash, tone with witch hazel, use my Kiehl’s eye cream & follow that w. my Tula night cream. My face feels soothed and so does my mind!

*If you don’t drink tea prior to sleep, I can’t recommend it enough yal! 

Bed By 10pm

To be real, I’m in bed by 10 but most nights I don’t fall asleep until 10:30-11. However, a few nights out of the week I’ll find myself KO’d by 10pm! As long as you’re sleeping before midnight & sleeping a full 7-8 hours, you’ll feel the rejuvenation in the AM. 

Phew, you’ve made it to the end! I know this was quite lengthy but I wanted to make sure you have a good idea of what a typical AM & PM day looks like for me. I wish you a year full of health & happiness friends, cheers to self care! xx

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  • Rosa Hernandez


    Wow girl !!! Thanks for all the tips and recipes loved them!! Oh and I’m so going to try some out!!

    • dianasamantha

      I know they were quite a lot! lol. I hope they work well for you!

  • RaSheba Jones


    Loved this read. This is one of my goals for the year to take better care of my body.

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks girl’ I wish you luck! I’m sure you’ll do great at it though ??

  • Cacinda


    Waking up early on the days I don’t have to was hard to get used to but it makes such a difference. I have started to exercise more and have noticed a difference in my energy levels. Now I just need to get to bed sooner.

  • Sue @NoFixedAbodeForSue


    You have a great routine going on there, way to go for being so organized. As a mum its so important to ensure that you take care of yourself as then you will be so much better prepared to face whatever the day brings. Congrats on doing your exercise as soon as you wake up as I tend to get too distracted, especially if I step anywhere near the computer.

    • dianasamantha

      Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your positive remarks xx

  • Jamie H


    I will definitely have to try the apple cider vinegar concoction. I know I don’t drink enough water, so that’s an area that I’ve been trying to work on. And it’s super sad, but now with 3 kids and being a homeschooling mom, there are no nap times for alone time anymore. I really wish I had been stricter about keeping up a “quiet time” to replace nap time, so I could still have a break!

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